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~ Second and Third Planets of the Tau Ceti System ~
3461-73,000 AD
(90,000 Deianaran Years)

Timekeeping in the Tau Ceti System

Every place within the Tau Ceti System, including the planet Abderus, abides by what is called the “Tau Ceti Year” which is equivalent of one year on the planet Deianara. This is because the planet Abderus, which has an axil tilt of 0°, has no discernible change of the seasons (unlike Deianara, which does), and the people find it easier to coordinate their civil calendar with their sister planet.

Abderus does, in fact, have a ritual calendar based upon astronomy and the actual year of the planet. But for simplicity’s sake, in this timeline we will use only the “Tau Ceti Year”.

1 “Tau Ceti Year” = 265.25 Deianara days, 420 Abderus days or, 0.78372 earth years

1 Abderus year = 0.47645 earth years or about 255.33 Abderus days

1 Deianara day = about 25:54 earth hours

1 Abderus day = about 16:22 earth hours

The Deianaran Calendar:
based on the Tau Ceti Year

1. Artemis
34 days
3. Lous
33 days
5. Dios
33 days
7. Pertius
33 days
2. Panaema
33 days
4. Hypereta
33 days
6. Apella
33 days
8. Xantica*
33/34 days

*Xantica has 34 days only on leap-years (every fourth year).

Northern Spring (Southern Autumn) occurs
during the months of Artemis and Panaema,
Summer in Lous and Hypereta,
Autumn in Dios and Apella,
Winter in Pertius and Xantica.

Deianara abides by an 8 day week:
Sunday, Moonday, Pholsday, Ladday,
Cerynday, Iolday, Abderday,
and Lernday
The Abderitan Civil Calendar:
based on the Tau Ceti Year

26 days
26 days
26 days
26 days
26 days
26 days
26 days
26 days
26 days
26 days
26 days
26 days
26 days
26 days
26 days
26 days

Abderus abides by an 8 day week similar to Deianara’s.
The Abderitan Ritual Calendar:
based on the Abderus Year
(approximately 174 Earth days or 255 Abderus days long)

This calendar is based the lunar cycles of both Abderus’ two moons: Orthus and Geryon.

It consists of a succession of 9 or 10 Geryonian months intermingled with a succession of 29 or 30 Orthusian months.
Festivals occur during transits of the two moons and other astronomical events.

Primary dates are listed in “Tau Ceti years” which are equal to about 286.254 earth years.

The Deianaran Calendar begins on February 18th, 3461 A.D. (1 Artemis, T.C.Y. 1)

266 Tau Ceti Years Before the Epaphian Invasion, 3252 AD
The starship Dexamenus arrives bringing to the Tau Ceti System the first astronauts from Earth.
Bases are established on the ice-covered third planet of the system, named “Deianara”. And within a few decades massive oxygen plants are set up to transform the planet’s atmosphere.

The Terraformation of Deianara: Phase One
c.200-25 B.E.I.
c.3300-3440 AD

The planet’s atmosphere, initially composed largely of CO2, CO, and other toxic gases, is transformed into one of Oxygen and Nitrogen, breathable by humans. The surface, however remains covered in miles-thick glaciers - a planet-wide Antarctica.

Tau Ceti Year 1, 3461 AD / 1505 AS
The Epaphian Invasion
    An invasion fleet arrives in the Tau Ceti System from the planet Epaphus and quickly and easily conquers the Terran outposts on Deianara.

T.C.Y. 27-42, 3481-3493 AD
The Colonial War
    Terran battle fleets arrive from the planet Earth ready to defend their claim in the Tau Ceti System against the Epaphian invaders.
In the end, the Epaphians emerge victorious and the Tau Ceti System becomes subject to the Epistemian Republic of Epaphus.

Age of the Epistemian Republic
T.C.Y. 42-2376
3493-5322 AD

For the first two millenia of it’s existence, Deianara is ruled peacefully by the rational government of the Epistemian Republic, which leaves behind it a tradition of sophisticated society on Deianara for the rest of her history.

The war-like Abderitans, however, were having none of this and ousted the Epistemians off their planet at the first available opportunity.

T.C.Y. 25, 3480 AD
The Epistemian Republic, having defeated the Terrans on Deianara, begin the second phase of the planet’s terraformation process.

The Terraformation of Deianara: Phase Two
T.C.Y. 45-c.200
3495-c.3600 AD

Originally an ice planet covered miles thick in glaciers from the poles to the equater. The Epaphians, after winning the planet from the Terrans, use massive orbital mirrors and greenhouse gases to melt these glaciers and trap the excess water in a vapor canopy in the upper atmosphere and in underground aquifers drilled miles below the surface.
Deianara becomes a nice, temperate world with mediterranean climates from poles to equator.

T.C.Y. 636, 3959 AD
The Epistemian Republic endeavours to begin terraforming operations on the planet Abderus.

The Terraformation of Abderus
T.C.Y. 636-c.1300
3959-c.4450 AD

Deianara’s sister planet, the second in the system, is transformed from a hot, Mars-like world into one with a breathable atmosphere, hospitable to humans.
An ocean is created covering a good part of one hemisphere but most of the surface remains a hot, arid desert scattered with ancient craters.

T.C.Y. 1281-1366, 4464-4531 AD
The Abderitan Rebellions against the Epistemian Republic.

T.C.Y. 1366, 4531 AD
The Abderitan Kingdom is Founded
Thromius the Great drives the Epistemian authorities off of Abderus and founds the mighty Kingdom of Abderus.

T.C.Y. 2376, 5322 AD, Epaphus Year 3488
The declining Epistemian Republic withdraws it’s forces from the Tau Ceti System.

~ Deianara is granted independence for the first time in her history.

The Age of Principates on Deianara
T.C.Y. 2376-3092
5322-5884 AD

Before the Epistemians left the planet for good, they established a series of principate states across the globe to maintain a peaceful, sophisticated society in their absence.
For the next six centuries, these principates ruled Deianara in a mostly peaceful co-existence until the Abderitan Invasion of 3079.

T.C.Y. 2415, 5353 AD
the Principate of Hyllos on Deianara sends a fleet of ships to occupy the Alula Australis System, a system with two potentially inhabitable worlds.

T.C.Y.70 2424, 5360 AD
another fleet of ships is sent, this time by the Deianaran Principate of Euaemon, to the Delta Eridani System to set up colonies on the fifth planet, Danaus.

T.C.Y. 2466, 5393 AD
the Deianaran colonial fleet arrives at Danaus.

T.C.Y. 2614, 5509 AD
the mystical planet Phantos is colonized by mystics from the rogue Deianaran Kingdom of Azan.

T.C.Y. 2976-3014, 5793-5822 AD
The reign of Malnomos, the draconian lawgiver, in the Deianaran Principate of Euaemon.

T.C.Y. 3065-3079
The Principate War

T.C.Y. 3079-3089, 5873-5881 AD
The Abderitan Invasion
    A fleet of warships from the planet Abderus arrives at Deianara in an attempt to invade the planet. The war is long and brutal destroying much of Deianara’s infrastructure. But the Principal Citizen of Althaea, Eiron Peidoxas, bands the warring principates of Deianara together to unite against their common adversary.
In the end they are successful in resisting the invasion, and the Deianaran people are filled with a new pride and hope as they begin to rebuild.

T.C.Y. 3092, 5883 AD
The Great League of Deianara is established to rule the entire planet from the resplendant capital of New Athens and new golden age begins.

The Golden Age of Deianara
T.C.Y. 3092-3704
5883-6363 AD

For six hundred glorious years, the city of New Athens wisely governs over the whole planet.
It is a time of great intellectualism, science, and art.

T.C.Y. 3704-3731, 6363-6384 AD
War of the Great Leagues on Deianara
    The city of Trachinia attempts to establish a second league in the Western Hemisphere independent of the League of Deianara. New Athens resists and civil war breaks out.
    The aftermath of the bloody war leaves Deianara in anarchy and despair.

The Age of Anarchy on Deianara
T.C.Y. 3731-4157
6384-6718 AD

The generations living during this era are sometimes refered to as “The Sons of Anarchy”.

T.C.Y. 4157, 6718 AD
Arcontis Catitis II, king of Kenaea and father of Nicator the Master Conqueror, conquers a mighty empire across the continent of Therona.

T.C.Y. 4221-4231, 6768-6776 AD
Nicator, Master Conqueror of Deianara
    He conquers his entire planet. Upon his death, his global empire is split in four.

The Age of Four Empires on Deianara
T.C.Y. 4231-5113
6776-7467 AD

Upon the death of Nicator the Master Conqueror, his global empire is divided into four: the Ambracian Empire in the North, the Trachinian Empire in the East, the Nualan Empire in the West and the Patraean Empire ruling from Nicator’s old capital of Patraeus in the South.

T.C.Y. 4506, 6992 AD
the Abderitan Kingdom conquers all of Abderus. - the Abderitan Empire is founded.

The Abderitan Empire
T.C.Y. 4506-8159
6992-9855 AD

For over three millenia, the planet Abderus is ruled with an iron fist by one empire from the city of Abdera.
Only one space-port is allowed to function on the planet, on Crescent Island off the coast of Abdera.

T.C.Y. 5043-5113, 7412-7467 AD
the Pyrrhic Wars.
Abderus and Deianara fight a series of bloody wars. in the end, Deianara lies utterly defeated and becomes subject of the Abderitan Empire.

T.C.Y. 5043-5052, 7412-7420 AD
the First Pyrrhic War.

T.C.Y. 5057-5061, 7424-7427 AD
the Second Pyrrhic War.

T.C.Y. 5085-5089, 7445-7449 AD
the Third Pyrrhic War.

T.C.Y. 5109-5113, 7464-7467 AD
the Fourth Pyrrhic War.
~ Abderus defeats Deianara.

The Abderitan Empire Rules Deianara
T.C.Y. 5113-7824
7467-9780 AD

Deianara is ruled by the Abderitan Empire.

T.C.Y. 5637-5651, 7878-7889 AD
the reign on Abderus of Locar the Great.

T.C.Y. 5799, 8005 AD
Larissa, the immortal witch of Erimos Island, is born.

T.C.Y. 7828-8141, 9282-9841 AD
The Generation Wars
     After centuries of domination by the Abderitan Empire, Deianara rises up and wages war against their oppressors. And for twenty generations, they wage a series of bloody wars against eachother ultimately leading to the mutual destruction of civilisation on both planets.

T.C.Y. 8141, 9841 AD
The Great Destruction
    In a horrible destruction of nuclear bombs and orbital bombardment, civilisation is brought to an end on both habitable planets of the Tau Ceti System.

The Pre-Terran Dark Age
T.C.Y. 8141-11,811
9841-12,717 AD

For three thousand years after the Great Destruction both Abderus and Deianara lie in post-apocalyptic ruin.

T.C.Y. 11,811-11,816, 12,717-12,721 AD
The Terran Invasion.
Abderus and Deianara are conquered by Earth in the name of the Terran Empire.

The Terran Empire
Rules the Tau Ceti System
T.C.Y. 11,816-13,789
12,721-14,267 AD

The empires of Abderus and Deianara are conquered together by the might of the Terran Autocracy of Earth. Autocratic governments in the style used on Earth are set up on both planets, which are henceforward governed by Terran Procurators who represent the Terran Autocrat on their respective worlds.

T.C.Y. 13,779-13,789, 14,259-14,267 AD
The Space Pirate Wars
    A massive armada of pirate ships from deep space, united by the infamous pirate king Muat, storms the Tau Ceti System and brings utter devestation to the civilisations there.
    Unable to defend their claims in the system, the Terran Empire retreats.

The Pirate Age
T.C.Y. 13,789-18,210
14,267-17,732 AD

For millenia after the horrendous Space Pirate Wars, both Abderus and Deianara are left in post-apocalyptic ruin, their technology reduced to pre-industrial levels.
During these dark centuries, pirates of both the space and ocean-going varieties, constantly harass the poor people of these planets and anarchy rules everywhere.

T.C.Y. 14,430, 14,770 AD
On Abderus: Bardawil the Stout reclaims the city of Abdera from the pirates.

T.C.Y. 15,994-16,659, 15,995-16,516 AD
the Abderitan Pirate Wars on Abderus.

T.C.Y. 16,659, 16,516 AD
the Abderitan Kingdom is re-established.

T.C.Y. 18,210, 17,732 AD
the Deianaran Republic is founded.

The Deianaran Republic
T.C.Y. 18,210-21,212
17,732-20,085 AD

A new global government is established on Deianara and civilisation is restored to the planet.

T.C.Y. 18,264-18,274, 17,774-17,782 AD
Coris Ajax, the new Master Conqueror of Deianara, declares himself emperor, conquers Abderus, and wipes out the pirates that have plagued his system for millenia.
~ his empire does not outlast his death and the Deianaran Republic is restored.

T.C.Y. 18,265, 17,775 AD
Larissa, the twelve-thousand-year-old witch of Erimos Island is captured and brought before Master Conqueror, Coris Ajax.
her bottle of Vial of Amrita, the Elixer of Immortality and the only sample of which in the universe, is lost.

T.C.Y. 18,267, 17,776 AD
Abderus is invaded by Coris Ajax.

T.C.Y. 19,252, 18,548 AD
the Third Kingdom of Abderus is founded by Menoetius, the fascist dictator.

T.C.Y. c.19,850, c.19,020 AD
Dan the Deianaran does his thang.

T.C.Y. 21,212, 20,085 AD
Mutual Nuclear Exchange
after a long, drawn-out war, the Deianaran Republic and the Third Kingdom of Abderus bombard eachother’s planets with nuclear bombs and civilization on both worlds is destroyed.

T.C.Y. 21,212-21,286, 20,085-20,143 AD
Post-apocalypse on Abderus and Deianara.

T.C.Y. 21,286, 20,143 AD
The Sirean Invasion
    Taking advantage of the weakened state of the planets in the Tau Ceti System. The Sirean Empire, under command of the Almighty King Galannar, invade the system and install their own kings to rule over it’s planets.

The Nine Sirean Kings of Deianara:

T.C.Y. 21,286-22,206, 20,142-20,864 AD
Reign of King Xuthus
    During his reign, the Sirean Empire conquers, once and for all, the Terran Autocracy of Earth.

T.C.Y. 22,206-23,336, 20,864-21,749 AD
Reign of King Magnus

T.C.Y. 23,336-24,376, 21,749-22,564 AD
Reign of King Makenus

T.C.Y. 24,376-25,436, 22,564-23,395 AD
Reign of King Raecus

T.C.Y. 25,436-26,511, 23,395-24,237 AD
Reign of King Dorus (the Explorus)

T.C.Y. 26,511-27,511, 24,237-25,021 AD
Reign of King Thelius

T.C.Y. 27,511-28,510, 25,021-25,804 AD
Reign of King Oellus

T.C.Y. 28,510-29,398, 25,804-26,500 AD
Reign of King Thyus

T.C.Y. 29,398-29,997, 26,500-26,969 AD
Reign of King Oegigus

T.C.Y. 29,997, 26,969 AD
The Deianaran Deluge
    During the reign of the Sirean king Oegigus, a vapor canopy in Deianara’s upper atmosphere collapses and rains down upon the planet as global earthquakes unleash immense fountains from underground aquifers flooding the entire planet within forty days.
    Deucall, a Macarian farmer, becomes the only survivor of this disaster, escaping into space along with his wife and sons and some of his farm animals.

In the end, the world-wide ocean freezes and Deianara is once again covered in ice, just as it was before the arrival of Man.

T.C.Y. 88,909, 73,140 AD
After the seas dry up and the atmosphere grows thin, the last man on Abderus dies.


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