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~ Second planet of Sol ~
1966-45,000 AD
(5,600 Venusian Turnings)

Timekeeping on Venus

Due to it’s odd orbital characteristics, Venus needs a somewhat complex system of timekeeping. Not only does the planet rotate backwards on it’s axis, but it’s rotation period is actually longer than it’s year. Taken together, this produces a day on Venus (sunrise to sunrise) that is 116.75 earth days long. This produces days and nights that are so long (58 earth days each) that the Venusian people refer to them as the “Light Season” and the “Dark Season”.

Because Venus’ year has virtually no effect on people living on the surface, the Venusian people use instead their extremely long day as their basic unit of counting time and have given it it’s own name: a “Nian”. The Nian is divided into 12 “horas” which serve as the Venusian week, and each “hora” is divided into 10 “budans” which serve as the working day.

In addition to this, every 25 Nians (about every eight Earth years), Venus completes an astronomical cycle known as a “Turning” which is also used, alongside the “Nian” as a basic unit of timekeeping.

1 “Turning” = 25 “nians” or 7.991 earth years
1 “Nian” = 12 “horas” or 120 “budans” or 116.7505497 earth days
6 “Horas” = One of two Venusian seasons; the “Light Season” or the “Dark Season”
60 “budans” or about 58 earth days
1 “Hora” = 10 “budans”
1 “Budan” = 0.97292 earth days or 23:21 earth hours
Both Venus’ orbital period and rotation period are irrelevant to this system of timekeeping.
Orbital period = 224.70 earth days
Rotation period = 243.02 earth days
The Twelve Horas of the Venusian Nian
1. Tiger, 2. Rabbit, 3. Dragon, 4. Snake, 5. Horse, 6. Ram, 7. Monkey, 8. Rooster, 9. Dog, 10. Pig, 11. Rat, 12. Ox

Which 6 Horas make up the “Light Season” or the “Dark Season” depends on which part of Venus one is on.

Primary dates are given in the Venusian Calendar which measures time in units of “Nians” and “Turnings”.

Secondary dates are listed in the “Anno Scienta” calendar used by the Terran Autocracy.

Tertiary dates are listed in our own Gregorian calendar.

The Venusian Calendar begins on Sept. 17, 3612 A.D. (1st Budan of the 1st Hora of the 1st Nian of the 1st Turning)

~ 208 Turnings Before Hiroma ~
10 AS, (1966 AD)
the Russian space probe Venera 3 crash lands on the surface of Venus. the first spacecraft to land on the surface of another planet.

~ 207 Turnings Before Hiroma ~
19 AS, (1975 AD)
the Russian space probes Venera 9 and Venera 10 land on Venus and send photographs back to Earth.

~ 194 Turnings Before Hiroma ~
118 AS, (2074 AD)
Russia sends three cosmonauts aboard the Boginya V on the first manned fly-by of Venus.

~ 118 Turnings Before Hiroma ~
162 AS, (2118 AD)
Nuclear Holocaust occurs on Earth and exploration of Venus ceases for a thousand Terran years.

~ 188 to 62 Turnings Before Hiroma ~
162-1164 AS, (2118-3120 AD)
The Silent Era

~ 72 Turnings Before Hiroma ~
1081 AS, (3037 AD)
Man returns to outer space.

~ 62 Turnings Before Hiroma ~
1164 AS, (3120 AD)
the Nushen, a spacecraft of the Chinese Hegemony, lands the first man on the surface of Venus.

~ 55 Turnings Before Hiroma ~
1216 AS, (3172 AD)
the Chinese Hegemony sends fleet of cargo ships, tens of thousands strong, to mobilize between Venus and Saturn to begin the hydronation of her atmosphere, a process which will take centuries.

The Terraformation of Venus
~ 55 Turnings Before Hiroma to around the 40th Turning since Hiroma ~
1216-c.2000 AS, (3172-c.4000 AD)

Over a series of phases spanning centuries, Venus is transformed from a hellish planet with an atmosphere of sulphuric acid and temperatures at the surface hot enough to melt lead into one habitable by humans.

Thousands of massive atmosphere conversion plants are set up across the planet. These are designed to combine the hydrogen brought in by the Chinese cargo ships with the massive amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere to make H2O, O2, and excess carbon wich is largely dumped in the low altitude regions in the form of graphite where they will eventually be immersed under oceans.

~ 18 to 16 Turnings Before Hiroma ~
1516-1529 AS, (3472-3485 AD)
The Great Expulsion.
billions of Asian cyborgs are exiled from Earth following their defeat in the Great Machine War. the fleet of terraforming cargo ships are called off from their task to facilitate in the expulsion. following this, the terraforming fleet continues it's work of shipping hydrogen gas from Saturn to Venus, the exiled Asian cyborgs resign themselves to their task.

~ 1st Turning ~
1657 AS, (3613 AD)
The Hiroma Rebellion.
the great revolutionary Ichi Hiroma incites his people to rebel against Earth and claims the half-terraformed Venus for the Asian cyborgs. threatening Earth with bombardment by kamikazeing his terraforming fleet, after a brief stand-off, the Twin Empires of Earth relent and Venus is theirs.
~ beginning of the Saibogu Dynasty.

~ Turnings 1 to 48 ~
1657-2051 AS, (3613-4007 AD)
the Saibogu Dynasty

~ 6th to 19th Nians of the 20th Turning ~
1810-1814 AS, (3766-3770 AD)
the Napthoran War.
Mabus Napthora, emperor of Boriterranea, attempts to invade Venus but is waylaid as by forces of the Oenopian Empire who come to Venus' aid.

~ 5th Nian of the 24th Turning ~
1841 AS, (3797 AD)
the Terran Federation is formed on Earth.

~ Around the 40th Turning ~
c.2000 AS, (c.4000 AD)
Terraformation Completed
Once an inhospitable planet with an atmosphere of sulphuric acid and pressure-cooker conditions at the surface, Venus is now a habitable world covered with shallow oceans and steamy jungles.

~ 11th Nian of the 49th Turning to the 9th Nian of the 50th Turning ~
2043-2051 AS, (3999-4007 AD)
the Merrodaean War.
Merrodaeo Basileus and his successor Nerriclisser Basileus, imperators of the Terran Federation, invade Venus and bring down the Saibogu Dynasty.
~ Venus becomes subject to Terran Federation.

~ Turnings 50 to 404 ~
2051-4886 AS, (4007-6842 AD)
The First Terran Dynasty
Venus is controlled as a possession of the Terran Federation (later, the Terran Autocracy). A Terran style heirarchy of power is established and Venus is governed by a Terran Procurator who acts as the autocrat on Venus and answers to the Imperator on Earth (later, the Autocrat).

~ 7th Nian of the 68th Turning ~
2194 AS, (4150 AD)
commissioned by Terran Imperator Melission Basileus I, the Venusian starship Nu Mingshing embarks towards the Alsafi System to colonize and terraform the third planet.

~ 7th Nian of the 72nd Turning ~
2226 AS, (4182 AD)
The Nu Mingshing arrives at Alsafi III.

~ 21st Nian of the 131st Turning ~
2702 AS, (4658 AD)
The Terran Federation becomes the Terran Autocracy.

~ 4th Nian of the 404th Turning ~
4886 AS, (6842 AD)
The Citheran Revolution
Terran Procurator Ciepra Cithera declares herself Autocrat of Venus and severes ties with Terran Autocracy of Earth.
Venus regains her independence for the first time in over ten thousand nians.

~ Turnings 404 to 476 ~
4886-5455 AS, (6842-7411 AD)
The Citheran Dynasty
Venus is still controlled by an Autocracy-style government but one that is self governing and independent of the Terran Autocracy of Earth. Greater power is given to the Venusian Autocrat than to the one on Earth, and some of them become despots.

~ 1st Nian of the 474th Turning to the 5th Nian of the 476th Turning ~
5445-5455 AS, (7401-7411 AD)
The Jingshing Revolution
The Venusian people rise up against their despotic autocrat, Censae Cuntis, and install their own leader, Ling Fooren Jingshing, to be Emperor of Venus.
~ Founding of the Jingshing Dynasty

~ Turnings 476 to 1085 ~
5455-10,324 AS, (7411-12,280 AD)
The Jingshing Dynasty
For over 15,000 nians, the planet Venus is ruled wisely by the Jingshing Emperor from his captital of Jingshuto.

~ 21st Nian of the 962nd Turning ~
9344 AS, (11,300 AD)
The Invasion of Earth
Emperor Chu Liao Ji leads an invasion of the planet Earth, already weakened by war, to reclaim the lands of their ancestors in Eastern Asia.
~ The Caedonian Empire is established in East Asia on Earth.

~ 14th Nian of the 995th Turning ~
9606 AS, (11,562 AD)
the Caedonians secede from the Jingshing Dynasty of Venus and the Caedonian Territory on Earth becomes independant of Venusian rule.

~ 19th Nian of the 1,077th Turning ~
10,263 AS, (12,219 AD)
the Terrans reconquer Earth but ancient East Asia remains populated by Venusian people.

~ 10th Nian of the 1,085th Turning ~
10,324 AS, (12,280 AD)
Autocrat Mennot I signs a treaty with the Emperor Gubai and Venus becomes a part of the Terran Autocracy.
~ End of the Jingshing Dynasty.

~ Turnings 1085 to 1447 ~
10,324-13,220 AS, (12,280-15,176 AD)
The Second Terran Dynasty

~ 16th Nian of the 1,447th Turning ~
13,220 AS, (15,176 AD)
Venus once again is granted independence from Earth.

~ Turnings 1447 to 1838 ~
13,220-16,347 AS, (15,176-18,303 AD)
The Feudal Period

~ 23rd Nian of the 1,838th Turning ~
16,347 AS, (18,303 AD)
Emperor Yung Yanjing brings an end to the Venusian Feudal Period and founds the Shindigou Dynasty.

~ Turnings 1937 to 1838 ~
16,347-17,139 AS, (18,303-19,095 AD)
The Shindigou Dynasty

~ 20th Nian of the 1,862nd Turning ~
16,538 AS, (18,494 AD)
Venus joins the Solar Federation along with Mars and Earth.

~ 21st Nian of the 1,937th Turning ~
17,138 AS, (19,094 AD)
the Sirean Invasion.
Earth and Venus are invaded by forces from the planet Sireac.

~ Turnings 1937 to 1989 ~
17,139-17,548 AS, (19,095-'504 AD)
the Sirean Occupation

~ 15th Nian of the 1,985th Turning to the 5th Nian of the 1,989th Turning ~
17,520-17,548 AS, (19,476-'504 AD)
The War of Liberation

~ Turnings 1989 to around 2095 ~
17,548-c.18,500 AS, (19,504-c.20,500 AD)
The Nushing Dynasty

~ 21st Nian of the 2,095th Turning ~
18,401 AS, (20,357 AD)
the Second Sirean Invasion.

~ Turnings 2095 to around 2600 ~
18,401-c.22,550 AS, (20,357-c.24,500 AD)
The Sirean Empire

~ Around the 2,610th Turning ~
c.22,550 AS, (c.24,500 AD)
space travel is banned on Venus under orders of the Almighty King Enmenleus.

~ From about the 2,610th Turning to around the 5,600th ~
c.22,550-45,000 AS, (c.24,500 AD)
The Dying Ages

~ 5,600th Turning ~
c.46,000 AS, (48,000 AD)
after slowly roasting as it reverted back to it's pre-terraformed state, Venus is dead.


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