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~ Fourth planet of Altair ~
4004-200,000 AD
(40,000 Sireac Years)

Primary dates are listed in Sirean years which are equal to about 1,640.76 Earth days or 1,203.125 Sireac days.
The Sirean calendar consists of 48 months, 25 days long each with an intercalary month inserted every 8th year.

121 Sireac years Before the [Sirean] Jihad, 3981 AD
the Terran Imperator, Merrodaeo Basileus, sends the massive colonial starship, Merrodaeo's Ark, to the Altair System.
~ oppressed by the godless influence of the Terran infidels, Mahdians of the long-dead Golden Caliphate emigrate from Earth en mass to assist in the colonization of this new system.

115 B.J., 4004 AD / 2048 AS - Holy Sireac is colonized.
the great colonial starship Merrodaeo's Ark lands the first people on the planet Sireac, (then known as Altair IV).
“Altair IV” is claimed in the name of the Terran Federation.
~ terraformation begins.

115-c.15 B.J., 4004-c.4450 AD
the Terraformation
The planet Altair IV is slowly transformed from an inhospitable desert world into one with vast sweeps of oceans, forests, fields and a breathable atmosphere.

2 B.J., 4517 AD
7th day of the 44th Month: The Holy Jihad Begins
After centuries of oppression under the yoke of the Terran infidels, the Mahdian population of Altair IV declare jihad against the Terran Federation.

Sireac Year 1, 4522 AD
11th Day of the 1st Month: Akkar the Great is proclaimed the first Great Sultan of the Golden Kingdom, seated in his capital at Shahran.
~ The planet, given the name “Altair IV” by the godless Terrans, is renamed Sireac.

S.Y. 8, 4555 AD
the Sireans emerge victorious in the Holy Jihad and the Terran infidels are ousted off the planet.

S.Y. 8-447, 4555-6527 AD
The Golden Kingdom
All of Sireac is united under the rule of the one great kingdom, every Sirean swearing his loyalty to the Great Sultan.

S.Y. 34, 4673 AD
Christian infidels steal Merrodaeo's Ark and fly off to the Mu Herculis System to colonize the planet Malakbel.

S.Y. 43, 4713 AD
the Christian infidels arrive at Malakbel.

S.Y. 352, 6101 AD
Great Sultan Katahla Khafara sends a Holy Mahdian army to Malakbel a rain jihad on the infidels

S.Y. 356, 6121 AD
The Malak Jihad
Katahla's army arrives at Malakbel where the Malaki, descendants of the Christian infidels, are slaughtered by the millions. survivors among the Malaki escape the system aboard Merrodaeo's Ark.

S.Y. 447, 6527 AD
the upstart leader Mahguar, sultan of the city of Hassun, seperates from the Golden Kingdom and founds a country of his own.
~ the Founding of the Akturan Empire.

S.Y. 447-657, 6527-7472 AD
the First Akturan Empire.
Sultan Mahguar's empire grows to be a great power on Sireac while the Golden Kingdom is soon reduced to a shadow of it's former self, ruling over only the land of Shinar.

S.Y. 657, 7472 AD
Fall of the Akturan Empire.
Aktura is defeated by the neighboring kingdom of Uruahk. meanwhile, many sovereign kingdoms have risen across the planet, no one much greater than the rest.

S.Y. 680, 7575 AD
Great Sultan Rukahn, the great orator, unites the dispirate kingdoms of Sireac and revives the Golden Kingdom to her former glory.
~ Revival of the Golden Kingdom.

S.Y. 680-825, 7575-8226 AD
The Shahran Renaissance.
The blessed Golden Kingdom is revived to her ancient glory. it is a time of peace and prosperity across the world and the greatest period of intellectual enlightenment Sireac has ever or will ever know.

S.Y. 690, 7621 AD
A grand effort to terraform the planet Zarmina is begun on the orders of the Great Sultan Rukahn.

S.Y. 724, 7770 AD
The planet Manaf is colonised the Golden Kingdom of Sireac.

S.Y. 741, 7848 AD
The planet Dagon is colonised by the Golden Kingdom.

S.Y. 749, 7885 AD
The planet Dushara is colonised by the Golden Kingdom.

S.Y. 767, 7965 AD
Amrita, the Elixer of Immortality, is discovered at the bottom of the oceans of Zarmina by two young adventurers from the planet Deianara.
They stow it away on island on Deianara where it is kept secret and hidden for centuries - a legend few believe.

S.Y. 800, 8112 AD
the planet Malakbel seperates from the Golden Kingdom of Sireac.

S.Y. 820, 8205 AD
The planet Zarmina is struck by a thousand mile wide asteroid and all life there is obliterated.

S.Y. 825, 8226 AD
Fall of the Golden Kingdom.
desert warriors sweep in from the north and ravage the country-side of Shinar and destroy the city of Shahran.

S.Y. 825-1509, 8226-11,300 AD
The First Dark Age.
For centuries after the fall of the blessed Golden Kingdom, the world knows only anarchy as warlords rule the country-side and terrorize the bastions of civilized society in isolated, walled city-states.
It is during these long ages that the Sirean people forget their faith in the one true god and his prophet, the Mahdi. Instead, they fall back to the worship of many pagan gods and idols great and small.

S.Y. 1078, 9361 AD
The planet Belenus is colonised by the people of the planet Manaf.
    Founding of the Manafi Empire

S.Y. 1123, 9564 AD
The Atar System, a star system with at least two inhabitable planets, is colonised by the Manafi Empire.

S.Y. 1509, 11,300 AD
the Founding of the First Khaldakian Empire.
Ramaza Mota, sultan of the city of Kishappar, defeats the ravaging warlords of his country and establishes the greatest empire Sireac has known since the fall of the Golden Kindom.

S.Y. 1509-1703, 11,300-12,170 AD
the First Khaldakian Empire.

S.Y. 1703, 12,170 AD
warriors once again sweep in from the deserts and once again bring an end to civilized society on Sireac.

S.Y. 1703-2531, 12,170-15,890 AD
The Second Dark Age.
For another 800 Sirean years (nearly 4,000 years on Earth) the planet is ruled by terrorizing desert warlords.

S.Y. 2531, 15,890 AD
the Founding of the Second Akturan Empire.
the desert warlord, Kalab Olfan, conquers the walled city of Hassun and claims the title of Mighty King, he then moves on to conquer a large empire for himself.

S.Y. 2531-3094, 15,890-18,422 AD
the Second Akturan Empire.
One of the most brutal and despotic regimes the universe has ever known rules the better part of the planet for over 500 Sirean years (about 2,500 Earth years).

S.Y. 2920, 17,638 AD
the planet Malakbel is conquered by the Akturan Empire.

S.Y. 3042, 18,183 AD
Alkhat Baraht, king of the Akturan Empire, launches an invasion of the planet Andalus.

S.Y. 3057-3067, 18,254-18,297 AD
the Andalusian War.
King Alkhat's occupying army on Andalus is met by forces from the Terran Autocracy of Earth and an interstellar proxy war is ignited. the Terrans are ultimately driven off the planet and Andalus remains a property of Sireac.

S.Y. 3094, 18,422 AD
the Founding of the Second Khaldakian Empire.
Nahbo Pahl, the sultan of Kishappar, unites the surrounding city-states in the land of Khaldak and founds an empire to rival the evil regime of Aktura.

S.Y. 3094-3193, 18,422-18,868 AD
the Second Khaldakian Empire.
As a new great empire rises to oppose the tyranny of the Akturan Empire, an era of nearly constant conflict descends upon Sireac as these two powers vie to dominate the whole planet.

S.Y. 3013, 18,056 AD
the Vial of Amrita, the Elixer of Immortality, after being lost for over 2,000 Sirean years (about 10,000 Earth years) and falling into the realm of myth, mysteriously falls into the hands of Sibaddar and Zidanna, a humble fisherman and his wife from the small Shinaran village of Agribol. the poor couple both taste the elixer and give birth to an immortal son.
~ birth of Galannar, destined to be king of kings.

S.Y. 3140, 18,625 AD
an invasion fleet sent by Nahbo Khamin, king of the Khaldakian Empire, arrives at the planet Andaman and conquers a continent on that world.

S.Y. 3194, 18,868 AD
Galannar, who spent his first 800 years of life gathering power and prestige, creates a mighty army of his followers and defeats the empires of Aktura and Khaldak. seated at his capital of Agribol he restores the ancient Golden Kingdom and rules Sireac as the Almighty King.
~ Founding of the New Golden Kingdom of Sireac.

S.Y. 3194-4004, 18,868-22,507 AD
The Golden Kingdom Restored
The immortal Galannar rises to power and, for the first time in 2,300 Sirean years (nearly 11,000 Earth years), establishes a unified kingdom to rule over all of Sireac and raises his planet to the greatest glory it has ever known conquering a large interstellar empire, defeating even the Terran Autocracy of Earth, the center of power in the universe since time immemorial.

S.Y. 3235, 19,054 AD
King Caemis Polakiar of Mars makes an underhanded alliance with Galannar, the Almighty King of Sireac.

S.Y. 3241, 19,077 AD
Almighty King Galannar sends a fleet of warships to invade Earth.

S.Y. 3244, 19,094 AD / 17,138 AS
The First Invasion of Earth
in a surprise attack the forces of Galannar conquer the planet Earth in one night and capture the Terran Autocrat Cedric III. the Sirean prince Samtehk I is installed as the ruler of this new acquisition of the Sirean Empire.

S.Y. 3329, 19,476 AD
after ruling over Earth for 85 Sirean years (382 Earth years) the Terrans, under the vile infidel Aemen Ardaeis, reclaim their planet.

S.Y. 3478, 20,143 AD
The Invasion of the Tau Ceti System
the planets Abderus and Deianara having decimated their civilizations in a mutual nuclear exchange are left as easy pickings for an invasion fleet sent by Almighty King Galannar.

S.Y. 3506, 20,270 AD
birth of Enmenleus, the immortal son of Galannar, the Almighty King.

S.Y. 3513, 20,301 AD
the birth of Dumazzar, the second immortal son of Galannar.

S.Y. 3522, 20,340 AD
his immortal son now of age and taking advantage of the turbulent political situation on Earth, Almighty King Galannar attempts another invasion of that planet.

S.Y. 3525, 20,357 AD / 18,401 AS
The Second Invasion of Earth
the Terran Autocracy now weak and corrupt, Galannar's invasion fleet enters the Solar System uncontested and surrounds the planet Earth with massive gunships forcing them to surrender to the rule of Sireac.
~ the immortal Prince Enmenleus is placed in power on Earth.

S.Y. 3540-3543, 20,422-20,435 AD
The First Invasion of Phaethon
the forces of Galannar, Almighty King of Sireac, attempt an invasion of the planet Phaethon but are thwarted by the upstart resistance leader, Roxter Van Steele, and for the first time since becoming the Almighty King of Sireac, Galannar faces defeat.

S.Y. 3793-3793, 21,558-21,571 AD
The Second Invasion of Phaethon
the Almighty King Galannar attempts another invasion of Phaethon but is defeated once again by the Phaethian infidels.
~ triumphant, the Phaethians send a war fleet of their own to follow Galannar's defeated fleet back to Sireac.

S.Y. 3801, 21,593 AD
Death of Almighty King Galannar
the Almighty King is killed when the Phaethian war fleet arrives at Sireac and attacks the capital city of Agribol.
~ Dumazzar, immortal son of Galannar, is annointed the new Almighty King. in his rage, he orders the destruction of Phaethon, and a star missile, the deadliest weapon in the universe, is sent towards that planet.

S.Y. 3805, 21,611 AD
Dumazzar's star missile arrives at Phaethon and annihilates it's entire surface.

S.Y. 3810, 21,633 AD
Prince Enmenleus, immortal son of Galannar and ruler of Earth, arrives on Sireac and demands his evil brother to step down from the throne. as Enmenleus is the eldest son of Galannar, the birthright of Almighty King is his.
Almighty King Dumazzar refuses to step down and sends Enmenleus back to Earth in chains.

S.Y. 3814, 21,651 AD
Prince Enmenleus returns to Earth in shame. Enraged and humiliated, he declares war on his brother.

S.Y. 3818-4004, 21,669-22,507 AD
War of the Immortal Brothers.
Enmenleus, Prince of Earth, and Dumazzar, Almighty King of Sireac wage a bloody war for centuries, whiling away countless armies and billions of lives and, in the end, leaving civilization on both their worlds laying in waste.

S.Y. 4004, 22,507 AD
Death of Almighty King Dumazzar.
after centuries of brutal warfare, Dumazzar is killed in his sleep by a lone assassin from Earth, ending the war at long last.
~ Fall of the Restored Golden Kingdom of Sireac.

S.Y. 4008, 22,524 AD
Enmenleus is annointed the Almighty King.
remains seated in his throne on Earth.

S.Y. 4008-10,511, 22,524-51,736 AD
the Reign on Earth of Almighty King Enmenleus.

S.Y. c.4010, c.22,550 AD - The Great Repression.
After centuries of brutal warfare, Almighty King Enmenleus orders the repression of all science and technology in his empire. society on Sireac is reduced to a medieval level and is only contacted periodically by wandering star traders.
~ the planet Earth is renamed Arak around this time.

S.Y. 10,511-16,441, 51,736-78,377 AD
the Reign on Arak of Almighty King Alaliar.

S.Y. 16,411-19,042, 78,377-90,060 AD
the Reign on Arak of Almighty King Alalium.

S.Y. c.16,450, c.78,400 AD
the Jeshuron people, led by their wise leader, Father Onon, leave the planet Sireac to settle the promised planet Yva.

S.Y. c.18,800, c.88,900 AD
Almighty King Alalium's tireless scientists discover the secret of Faster-Than-Light communication and Alalium proceeds to conquer a mighty empire ruling hundreds of planets across dozens of light-years.

S.Y. c.18,800-19,042, c.88,900-90,060 AD
Alalium's Empire

S.Y. 18,817, 89,049 AD
the Jeshuron's promised planet Yva is conquered by Alalium's Empire forcing the peaceful Jeshuron people into servitude.

S.Y. 18,946, 89,630 AD
tired of centuries of oppression and slavery, the Jeshuron people escape their system and wage a hopeless war against Alalium's Empire.

S.Y. 18,946-19,042, 89,630-90,060 AD
the Jeshuron's Holy War against Almight King Alalium.

S.Y. 19,042, 90,060 AD
the Fall of Arak and Sireac.
the Jeshuron infidels finally succeed in defeating Alalium's Empire and the memories of Mother Earth and Holy Sireac recede from mens minds.

S.Y. c.20,000-40,000, c.100,000-200,000 AD
Sireac slowly reverts to the desert world it originated as.


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