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~ Second planet of Alpha Centauri A ~
2136-21,500 AD
(10,000 Phaethian Years)

Primary dates are listed in the “Pascal Reckoning Calendar” which use Phaethon years (equal to 1.91107 Earth years),
and Phaethon days (equal to 23:13 Earth hours).

There are, on average, 721.45 Phaethon days in a Phaethon year.

The Phaethian Calendar:

1. Afteryule
30 days
(Early January)
7. Ostermonth
30 days
(Early April)
13. Afterlithe
30 days
(Early July)
19. Wyndmonth
30 days
(Early October)
2. Eismonth
30 days
(Late January)
8. Afteroster
30 days
(Late April)
14. Aranmonth
30 days
(Late July)
20. Winterfall
30 days
(Late October)
3. Candlemonth
30 days
(Early February)
9. Maymonth
30 days
(Early May)
15. Solmonth
30 days
(Early August)
21. Frostmonth
30 days
(Early November)
4. Harnenmonth
30 days
(Late February)
10. Weighmonth
30 days
(Late May)
16. Whittenmonth
30 days
(Late August)
22. Nibelung
30 days
(Late November)
5. Rethemonth
30 days
(Early March)
11. Thrimidge
30 days
(Early June)
17. Haighmonth
30 days
(Early September)
23. Foreyule
30 days
(Early December)
6. Lentsinmonth
30 days
(Late March)
12. Forelithe
30 days
(Late June)
18. Harfestmonth
30 days
(Late September)
24. Heilmonth
30 days
(Late December)
1 day
1 day

*Overyule Day occurs only on leap-years
(every even numbered year except those ending with a ’0 not divisible by 20.)

Northern Winter (Southern Summer) begins on the 1st of Afteryule,
Spring on the 1st of Ostermonth,
Summer on Lithe Day,
Autumn on the 30th of Harfestmonth.

Phaethon abides by a 7 day week identical to that of Earths.

The Phaethon Calendar begins on April 22nd, 2136 A.D. (Afteryule 1st, 1 P.R.)

21 “Before Landing”, 2096 AD
Wednesday, July 4th on Earth:
The starship Helios is launched towards Alpha Centauri.

1 PR, 2136 AD
Tuesday, 15th Maymonth (Tuesday, December 25th on Earth):
    After over 40 years travelling through interstellar space, the starship Helios arrives at Phaethon and the crew makes their landing on the northern tip of Middle Paulatia building a colony there which they name Fort Hurley (named after Cpt. Frank Hurley, the first man to step foot on the planet).

    Nuclear Holocaust having occured on Earth while their ship was en route, the colonists are stranded without any hope of further settlement or supplies.

11 PR, 2156 AD
Dissenting groups within the colony come to arms with eachother. The colonial homebase is destroyed and access is cut off from the mothership. Colonists soon descend into a barbaric state.

The Barbaric Age
11-562 PR
2156-3211 AD

For centuries while Earth lies in post-apocalyptic ruin,
Phaethon stands as the only other planet inhabited by Mankind.
It’s populace, descendants of the crew of the starship
Helios, live as wandering nomads with scant memory of their terrestrial origins.

535 PR, 3159 AD
Peter Pascal, the great Barbarous Age scholar, is born.

563 PR, 3211 AD
Afterlithe 1st (Easter Sunday, April 24th on Earth):
The Cygnus arrives, landing on the plains of Togarmi, and bringing the first people from Earth in over a thousand Terran years. It is greeted by nomads on horseback.

564 PR, 3214 AD
Peter Pascal invents the “Pascal Reckoning” calendar, which counts the number of years since he calculated the starship Helios arrived at Phaethon. Prior to this, scholarly Phaethians were using a rather inaccurate version of the Gregorian Calendar.
The current year being “Five Hundred and Sixty-Fourth in the Pascal Reckoning”.

The Early Empires Age
563-701 PR
3211-3475 AD

Colonial empires are established across Phaethon by the respective Earth powers of the Atlantan Confederacy, Boriterranea, Oenotria and China.
The city of Tolime is founded on the northern tip of Middle Paulatia to serve as a neutral center for global, international relations.

699-701 PR, 3471-3474 AD
Winterfall ’99 - Ostermonth ’01: The Cyborg War
A spillover of the Great Machine War on Earth, riots break out across Phaethon against cyborgs who are percieved as a threat to the human race.

701 PR, 3475 AD
The globe-spanning Toliman Empire is established as a concession of the Treaty of Neamilanis on Earth, enacting anti-transhumanist laws for the preservation of the human race.

The Toliman Empire
701-921 PR
3475-3895 AD

A great and civilized empire.
It’s memory is passed down through the ages.
It’s ruins lasting through millenia as testaments to it’s greatness.

921 PR, 3895 AD
The Toliman Holocaust
Early Phaethian civilization falls in a terrible catastrophe when it is struck by a violent and malicious pathogen known as the “Crimson Plague”. Those infected turn into mad killers who cannabalise their victims. Nine out of every ten souls perish before the disease abates, and within a few short years society is reduced to pre-industrial levels.

926 PR, 3905 AD
A Terran fleet arrives to investigate the incident and subsequently places the planet under permanent quarantine.

The Middle Ages
926-1666 PR
3905-5319 AD

With civilized space-age society having been decimated by the Crimson Plague,
and the Terran quarantinebarracading the planet against all outside contact,
the Phaethian people while away centuries in a society reminiscent of the ancient Medieval Period on Earth.

1536 PR, 5070 AD
The Hurley people of Hurleyland conquer the Dixon people of Dixonia. Thereafter the two islands are known as the Hurley Isles.

1666 PR, 5319 AD
Wyndmonth 30th (Samhell Night): The Uriah Valley Massacre.
An outbreak of Crimson Plague wreaks havoc in the isolated Uriah Valley. Undercover Terran operatives, posing as wizards, try to contain it but are unsuccessful. Terran forces in orbit are then compelled to drop fire on the villages of Uriah Valley.

1671-1680 PR, 5328-5346 AD
The Terran Crimson Plague Eradication Program
    For the first time since the Toliman Holocaust over 700 Phaethian years earlier, Terran forces land openly all across Phaethon in a global program to completely eradicate Crimson Plague forever.

This Terran show of force sparks the Re-Industrialisation and the gradual revival of Phaethian civilisation.

The Re-Enlightenment
c.1680-1800 PR
c.5340-5570 AD

With the lifting of the quarantine and the renewal of outsider presence on the surface of the planet,
scientific knowledge and technology are gradually returned to the people of planet Phaethon.

1689 PR, 5363 AD
The first Terran trading forts are established in Buffelland and Togarmi, sparking off the infamous “Meat Trading” Days, in which Phaethian ranchers would trade heads of cattle to the Terrans for carefully allotted portions of simple technology.

1701 PR, 5386 AD
The Epistemian Republic of Epaphus begins establishing its own trading forts in the Eastern Hemisphere.

c.1800 PR, c.5570 AD
Technology on Phaethon reaches Late Industrial levels and the balance of dominance begins to be upset between the offworlder traders and the locals.

1814-1819 PR, 5602-5612 AD
The First Globe War
    Tensions amongst local powers come to a head and a global war erupts across the planet. The Terrans and Epaphians, seeing no practical way to intervene without adding to the destruction, evacuate the planet, abandoning their trading forts which are soon taken over by local forces.
    During the war, the various beligerents establish a host of corporations whose task it is to research and reverse engineer technology found in the offworlder forts and disseminate it to the forces.
    The war ends with an armistice on 22nd Nibelung, 1819.

The Re-Industrialising
c.1820-1890 PR
c.5615-5740 AD

In the advent of the First Globe War, electro-mechanical technology returns to Phaethon,
while a host of corporations (one of which being the Astro-Mecantile Corp.) are set up
to trade with the Terran and Epaphian offworlders on Phaethians own terms.

1889-1897 PR, 5745-5760 AD
The Second Globe War
Alois von Grünszrath nearly conquers the whole planet under the rule of Magnamania, but is narrowly defeated by the nations of Rodinia and Aostraea who, following the war, devide all of Phaethon between themselves, forming the Rodinian Union and the Aostraean League.

1895 PR, 5756 AD
The rocket-ship is re-invented.

The Phaethian Cold War
c.1900-1954 PR
c.5765-5869 AD

The super-powers of the Rodinian Union and the Aostraean League stand head to head with eachother for fifty years
vyng for complete control of Phaethon. A stand-off that ultimately culminates in the Third Globe War.

Meanwhile, the Astro-Mercantile Corporation (now renamed Astrocor) becomes the de facto space agency of the Rodinian Union.

1908 PR, 5781 AD
Rodinia lands the first Phaethian on the moon Aegiale in almost a thousand local years.

1915 PR, 5794 AD
The Aostraean League achieves a manned flyby of the nearby planet Pyroeis.

1921 PR, 5805 AD
The Rodinian Union lands the first Phaethian on the planet Phainon since before the Toliman Holocaust.

1928 PR, 5819 AD
Rodinia lands the first Phaethian on the planet Sycorax in a long, long time.

1933 PR, 5828 AD
Aostraea conducts the first manned mission to Proxima Centauri in quite a while.

1947 PR, 5856 AD
The Titania, Phaethon’s first interstellar vessel since the Toliman Holocaust, is launched towards Earth.

1954-1957 PR, 5869-5875 AD
The Third Globe War
    The Rodinian Union and the Aostraean League go head to head in one of the most terrible wars the planet Phaethon has ever seen.
In the end, the Rodinian Union emerges victorious and unites Phaethon and the entire Alpha Centauri System under the Phaethian Union.

1957 PR, 5875 AD
Formation of the globe spanning Phaethian Union.

The Industrial Space Age
1957-1997 PR
5875-5951 AD

After centuries of existing as a primitive backwater world in a universe of interstellar travel and commerce, Phaethon emerges from the Third Globe War as an interstellar player on it’s own. Mining outposts are built on nearly every rock in the Alpha Centauri System and trade is established with the Terran Autocracy of Earth, the Epistemian Republic of Epaphus, and other major powers of the universe.

1961 PR, 5882 AD
The voyage of the Titania ends in disaster, being destroyed by Earth’s defense systems when its engines fail and it fails to slow down whilst entering the system.

1975 PR, 5910 AD
Thursday, Foreyule 5th: Captain James Starkey is born.

1985 PR, 5928 AD
Jim Starkey and his intrepid crewmates embark on their adventures in space aboard the hardy shuttle-craft the Wayward Son...

1997-2003 PR, 5951-5964 AD
The Terran War
The planet is invaded and conquered by the Terran Autocracy of Earth.

2004 PR, 5964 AD
    Terran government is officially established to rule over all of Phaethon.
The city of Enduria is established on the northern-most cape of the Rodinian Peninsula to serve as the Terran capital.

2029 PR, 6012 AD
Chuck Raustark wins the first battle in the Reconquest against the occupying Terrans in the northern mountains of Buffelland. Founds Fort Raustark, the first stronghold of the resistance.

The Reconquest of Phaethon
2029-2819 PR
6012-7522 AD

As the Terran Autocracy attempts to occupy and control Phaethon as part of their interstellar empire, various factions across the planet break off and found their own kingdoms in opposition to Terran rule. For centuries, the native Phaethian kingdoms fight against the Terrans as well themselves until eventually the alien occupiers are driven off the planet for good.

2285 PR, 6502 AD
Roland the Great defeats the Terrans at the Battle of Rough Waters and claims a kingdom in Buffelland, marking a turning point in the Reconquest of Phaethon.

2313 PR, 6555 AD
The Death of Roland.

2621 PR, 7144 AD
Phaethian Reconquerors take the city of Enduria and the occupying Terrans are forced to move their capital to the mountain fortress of Reevan.

2811-2819 PR, 7507-7522 AD
The War of Revolt
An army of five kingdoms led by the great Haldor the Brave rise up against the sole remaining Terran province on Phaethon.
~ Following the bitter war with local powers, occupying Terran forces are forced to retreat back to Earth. A fleet Phaethian warships follows in pursuit.

2823 PR, 7529 AD
Phaethian army leads successfull attack against Earth, targeting the city of Nova Eburicum, capital of the Terran Autocracy, and occupying the city for nine Terran years.
Autocrat Merrenir II is captured and sent to exile back on Phaethon.

2825-2836 PR, 7534-7555 AD
Merrenir II lives out the rest of his life under surveilance in the small Phaethian town of Fort Hamely, is known to locals as Old Ned.

The Post-Reconquest
2825-3027 PR
7534-7920 AD

After the Terran occupiers have been ousted off the planet the various kingdoms of Phaethon continue to fight and conquer amongst themselves until ultimately three remain to contest for the territory of the entire planet.

3015 PR, 7897 AD
The marriage of King Calimar of Calornia and Queen Estrella of Naranua, thus consummating the union of the two greatest kingdoms on Phaethon.

3027 PR, 7919/20 AD
Maymonth 20th???: The Christian monarchs, King Calimar and Queen Estrella, conquer the Kingdom of Justopia, uniting all of Phaethon for the first time in a thousand Phaethian years.

Forewynd 25th: Calimar and Estrella give birth to Prince Calreigh the Magnificent, saviour of Phaethon, under a triple-eclipse of the three moons.

3033 PR 7932 AD
Upon the untimely deaths of King Calimar and Queen Estrella, evil conspirators in their court seize control and the young Prince Calreigh barely escapes with his life.
He eventually grows up to raise followers who believe in the Holy authority of his kingship and who fight to help win him back his rightful place on the throne...

3057 PR 7977 AD
Calreigh names his loyal servant Brock Rocksolid to be the High Lord, his second-in-command.

3060 PR 7983 AD
The Death of Calreigh, Lord and Saviour of Phaethon.
Forced by his evil enemies to drink a cup of poison, he dies for his people.
~ Calreigh’s Cup is venerated through the ages as the most holy relic of Lord Calreigh’s perfect sacrifice.

The Calreighan Era
3060-5512 PR
7983-12,668 AD

After the Death of Lord Calreigh, his followers, led by the High Lord Brock, spread far and wide proclaiming Calreigh’s heavenly kingdom. Each generation gaining more and more territories across Phaethon until eventually the Calreighan Kingdom reigns over the entire planet.
Henceforth, for the next 2,000 Phaethian years the High Lords of Calreigh rule with justice and peace. That is until several centuries later, when evil necromancers arise in the South and invite heathens from Epaphus to come and despoil Calreigh’s holy kingdom.

3325 PR, 8489 AD
After nearly 300 Phaethian years, the followers of Calreigh, led by High Lord Brandon Sinsmiter, take the city of Enduria finally completing their conquest of all of Phaethon.

4746 PR, 11,204 AD
Sadukismus the Necromancer, in an ancient Terran fortress in the mountains of Darcania, discovers a 3,000 Phaethian year old sample of the xenovirus responsible for the Crimson Plague.

c.4980 PR, c.11,650 AD
Everything south of Rodinia comes under control of the dark kingdom of Darcania, ruled over by evil necromancers.

4988-5081 PR, 11,667-11,845 AD
The Unholy Wars
The Necromancers of Darcania, using a hybrid version of the ancient Crimson Plague, create an army of cyborg zombies under their control to turn against the Calreighan Kingdom in the north, waging a series evil wars for generations.

5081 PR, 11,845 AD
The Calreighan Kingdom is victorious in the final Unholy War and expels the evil Necromancers from Phaethon, but not before Calreigh’s Cup, the holiest relic of Calreighism, is destroyed.

5182-5481 PR, 12,038-12,608 AD, Years 9009-9961 of the Epaphian Messiah
The Chalcusian Crusades
The Followers, religeous pundits from Epaphus, arrive in legions on Phaethon to try to conquer Phaethon in the name of Holy Chalcus, their holy messiah. They align themselves with the evil Necromancers of Darcania and thus follows centuries of pitiless wars.

5481-5512 PR, 12,608-12,668 AD
Following his victory in the Last Chalcusian Crusade, the evil Lord Draugar the Necromancer lords it over Phaethon with an iron fist.

5512 PR, 12,668 AD
The Terran Autocracy of Earth once again invades Phaethon, liberating the people from the evil Lord Draugar, and placing the planet under the wise rule of the glorious Terran Empire.

The Terran Empire
5512-6502 PR
12,668-14,561 AD

After centuries of pitiless wars against evil Necromancers and Epaphian invaders, the Terran Autocracy swoops in and establishes a peaceful and prosperous society with a wise and stable government on the planet Phaethon.

6502 PR, 14,561 AD
The Collapse of the Terran Empire
Legions of Terran troops return to Earth but Dallis Encoeris, the Terran procurator charged with governing the planet Phaethon, opts to remain on his adopted world to help maintain the wise and stable government his people had established there a thousand Phaethian years earlier.

The Phaethian Autocracy
6502-9569 PR
14,561-20,422 AD

Despite the collapse of the Terran Autocracy’s interstellar empire, the people of Phaethon continue to govern their world with the enlightened system introduced to them by the Terrans.
Thus for the next 3,000 Phaethian years, the planet Phaethon rests in peace and stability under the wise rule of the Phaethian ‘Autocrats’.

9569-9576 PR, 20,422-20,435 AD
The First Sirean Invasion
The forces of Galannar, the Almighty King of Sireac, invade the planet Phaethon. They topple the Phaethon Autocracy but are ultimately thwarted by the upstart resistance leader, Reigh Van Steele, who founds a kingdom founded on the principles of heavy metal.

The Heavy Metal Era
9576-10,159 PR
20,435-21,549 AD

Phaethon lives high in a golden age of Heavy Metal.

10,163-10,170 PR, 21,558-21,571 AD
The Second Sirean Invasion
The Sireans attempt another invasion of Phaethon but are defeated once again by the native Phaethians, this time led by Roxter Van Steele, heavy metal guitar hero and descendant of Reigh.
Triumphant, they send a war fleet of their own to follow their adversaries back to Sireac.

10,182 PR, 21,593 AD
The Phaethian war fleet arrives at Sireac and attacks the capital city of Agribol, killing Almighty King Galannar in the hellfire.
Dumazzar, immortal son of Galannar, is annointed the new Almighty King. In his rage, he orders the destruction of Phaethon, and a death star, the deadliest weapon in the universe, is launched towards Alpha Centauri.

10,191 PR, 21,611 AD
The Phaethian Apocalypse
The Sirean death star arrives at Phaethon and strikes the planet at close to the speed of light, annihilating it’s entire surface and killing every living thing.

Led by Roxter Van Steele, survivors in outer space at the time of the cataclysm, construct a fleet of guitar shaped starships to carry their people to a new home.


26,564 PR, 52,900 AD, Orolin Year 1
The Phaethian fleet of guitar shaped starships, carrying the refugees of the Phaethian Apocalypse, arrives at the crystal planet Orolin, there to start life anew on that distant world.


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