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~ Fourth planet of Sol ~
1976-100,000 AD
(50,000 Martian Years)

Primary dates are listed in Mars years which are equal to about 686.973 Earth days or 668.59 Mars days.
One Mars day is equal to 24:39 Earth hours.

Secondary dates are listed in the “Anno Scienta” calendar used by the Terran Autocracy.

Tertiary dates are listed in our own modern calendar.

The Martian calendar:

28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
28 days
27 days
27 days
27 days
27/28 days

*Vrishika has 28 days every leap year
(every odd numbered year and those ending with ’0 not divisible by 100.)

Northern Spring (Southern Autumn) begins on the 1st of Sagittarius,
Summer on the 28th of Pisces,
Autumn on the 10th of Mithuna,
Winter on the 14th of Gemini.

Mars abides by a 7 day week, much like Earth’s:
Solisday, Lunaeday, Martiusday, Mercuriday, Jovisday, Venerisday, Saturniday

Mars Year 1, 2 BS, (1955 AD)
Beginning of the Martian Calendar
An arbitrary date set by ancient astronomers.

M.Y. 12, 20 AS, (1976 AD)
The unmanned American space probe, Viking I, lands on Mars and sends photographs back to Earth.

M.Y. c.44, c.81 AS, (c.2037 AD)
Man first lands on the planet.

M.Y. c.64, c.110 AS, (c.2075 AD)
Permanent bases are constructed on the planet.

M.Y. 87, 162 AS, (2118 AD)
Nuclear Holocaust occurs on Earth, Martian settlers are left to die without supplies.

M.Y. 87-600, 162-1126 AS, (2118-3082 AD)
The Dead Years
For centuries while Earth lies in the depths of the Post-Apocalypse, Mars remains the same barren, thin-aired, desert world it has always been with only a smattering of artifacts to prove Man had ever set foot upon the planet at all...
...until civilisation is rebuilt on Earth and Man returns to Mars once again...

M.Y. 600, 1126 AS, (3082 AD)
Man returns to the planet.

M.Y. 618, 1161 AS, (3117 AD)
The Atlantan Confederacy sends the colonial ship Arma Ares to Mars.
~ Terraformation Begins.

M.Y. 618-c.700, 1161-c.1300 AS, (3117-c.3250 AD)
The Terraformation of Mars
In the one of the greatest feats of engineering ever undertaken by Mankind, the planet Mars is transformed from a lifeless, red desert world to one with oceans, a breathable atmosphere and rich with life.

M.Y. 654, 1228 AS, (3184 AD)
The First Uprising
Martian settlers fight a failed revolt against Terran megacorps.

M.Y. 683, 1282 AS, (3238 AD)
The Second Uprising: The Martian Revolution
Martian colonists oust megacorporations off planet. Independence is secured and the pseudo-communist Mars Global Union is established.

M.Y. 683-805, 1282-1512 AS, (3238-3468 AD)
the Mars Global Union

M.Y. 803-805, 1508-1512 AS, (3464-3468 AD)
The Great Machine War
war on Earth spills over onto Mars causing the collapse of the Global Union.

M.Y. 805, 1513 AS, (3469 AD)
the Martian Empire is established in the spirit of the new empires on Earth.

M.Y. 848-852, 1593-1600 AS, (3549-3556 AD)
The Disintegration War
the Martian Empire disintegrates into a number of petty kingdoms.

M.Y. 852-1416, 1600-2661 AS, (3556-4617 AD)
the Age of Kingdoms

M.Y. 1100, 2066 AS, (4022 AD)
the Martian Alliance is formed. a loose confederation of the Martian kingdoms.

M.Y. 1400, 2631 AS, (4587 AD)
Tarian Tarkas, the Acidalian king, completes his conquest of the entire planet, sets eyes on Earth.

M.Y. 1408-1416, 2646-2661 AS, (4602-4617 AD)
Aries ’08 - Gemini ’16: The War of Worlds
overconfident in his power, King Tarian launches an invasion against Earth. initially tooken by surprise, the Terran Federation eventually regains it’s footing, defeats the Martian armada and pushes the war back to Mars itself.
~ utterly defeated and ravaged by war, Mars is occupied by Terran forces and is annexed as part of the Federation.

M.Y. 1438, 2702 AS, (4658 AD)
the Terran Federation is transformed into the Terran Autocracy.

M.Y. 1416-2569, 2661-4829 AS, (4617-6785 AD)
The Terran Autocracy

M.Y. 1686, 3169 AS, (5125 AD)
Dissidents from Mars embark aboard a few derelict starships to a star near Aldebaraan.

M.Y. 1767, 3321 AS, (5277 AD)
The Martian dissidents arrive at the planet Daraban, a mars-like planet in an earth-like orbit around a sun-like sun near Aldebaraan,

M.Y. 2549-2569, 4792-4829 AS, (6748-6785 AD)
Agatha Daemon’s Revolt

M.Y. 2569, 4829 AS, (6785 AD)
Agatha Daemon of the Mariner Valleys defeats the Terrans and wins independence for Mars.

M.Y. 2569-5605, 4827-10,540 AS, (6783-12,496 AD)
The Red Kingdom

M.Y. 4964, 9334 AS, (11,290 AD)
The Invasion of Earth
King Harrid Saegar, taking advantage of the chaotic situation on Earth, destroys the Gibraltar Dam, flooding the Mediterranean, and invades much of the Easter Hemisphere installing a local capital at the city of Aevaris.

M.Y. 5041, 9480 AS, (11,436 AD)
virtually all of Earth is conquered by the Aevarians.

M.Y. 5050, 9497 AS, (11,453 AD)
The death of King Kaen Hieanar, who is succeeded by his cruel, incompetent son. He is Anassoel.

the Aevarians on Earth assume sovereign rule apart from Mars.

M.Y. 5458, 10,263 AS, (12,219 AD)
the native Terrans reconquer their planet from their Aevarian overlords.

M.Y. 5597-5605, 10,525-10,540 AS, (12,481-’496 AD)
The Terran Invasion
Mars is once again conquered by Earth under Terran Autocrat Daemis.

M.Y. 5605-7014, 10,540-13,191 AS, (12,496-15,147 AD)
The Terran Empire

M.Y. 7014, 13,191 AS, (15,147 AD)
Mars once again gains independence from Earth.

M.Y. 7014-7287, 13,191-13,703 AS, (15,147-’659 AD)
the Martian Autocracy

M.Y. 7287-8374, 13,703-15,748 AS, (15,659-17,704 AD)
the Second Age of Kingdoms

M.Y. 8374-c.9800, 15,748-c.18,500 AS, (17,704-c.20,500 AD)
The Martian Kingdom

M.Y. 8794, 16,538 AS, (18,494 AD)
Mars joins the Solar Federation along with Earth and Venus.

M.Y. 9092, 17,098 AS, (19,054 AD)
King Caemis Polakiar betrays Earth to the Sireans.

M.Y. 9113, 17,138 AS, (19,094 AD)
the Terran Autocracy is defeated by the Sireans.

M.Y. c.9800, c.18,500 AS, (c.20,500 AD)
Mars is absorbed into the Sirean Empire.

M.Y. c.12,000, c.22,500 AS, (24,500 AD)
Enmenleus, the Sirean king of Earth orders the Great Simplification. space travel is banned from Mars.

M.Y. c.43,000, c.80,000 AS, (c.82,000 AD)
canals are built across the surface of the planet to channel what little water is left to the outlying regions as Mars slowly reverts to it’s pre-terraformed state.

M.Y. c.50,000, c.100,000 AS, (c.100,000 AD)
Mars is dead.


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