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From Galactic Civilisation
to the End of Time

770,000 AD to 311 Million Million years hence

Years listed count from the founding of the Galactic Empire in the year 877,974 AD (1 GE).

c.1,000,000 Years Before the Galactic Empire
Man evolves on the garden planet Earth.

c.875,000 BGE
Man first travels into Outer Space.

c.875,000-175,000 BGE
Man colonises the Galaxy
     Slowly, over the course of 700,000 years, the descendants of human beings from Earth colonise 25 million planets throughout the Milky Way Galaxy in massive, sub-lightspeed starships.

c.135,000 BGE
Man begins to colonise the nearby Intruder Galaxy, a small satallite galaxy of the Milky Way located only 4,000 parsecs below the galactic plane.

107,974 BGE, 770,000 AD
The Ancient Dream of Faster-Than-Light Travel is Finally Achieved
    King Abaddon completes his fourteen thousand year endeavor and creates the first wormhole portal Man has ever seen, opening a short-cut through space and time from Abaddonís planet Extar to the nearby planet Terminax.

(a drawback of these wormhole portals being that the two individual gates must be manually transported to their locations at speeds slower than light.)

c.107,970-99,000 BGE
The immortal Abaddon uses his portals to conquer the entire Intruder Galaxy.

Extarís sun goes supernova and civilisation on the planet Extar is destroyed, itís dead remains are known to later generations as Morga.

103,564 BGE
Abaddon conquers the planet Darxta and claims the seat of the Darxtarian Emperor.

The Founding of the Darxtarian Empire
The first great empire of Galactic Civilisation.

c.103,020 BGE
The two wormhole gates of the Great Darxtarian Portal are built in the Thyllax Pulsar Cluster in the Intruder Galaxy.
The first (the Thyllax Gate) remains near Darxta while the second (the Kuthallu Gate) is transported to the Galactic Core at relativistic speeds.

c.103,000 BGE, (On the other side of the Thyllax Gate: c.63,000 BGE)á
The Thyllax Gate is opened and a Darxtarian invasion fleet is sent through from the Intruder Galaxy to emerge forty thousand years in the future from the Kuthallu Gate in the Galactic Core.

á Due to time-dilation effects that occur when wormhole gates are transported at relativistic speeds, when one passes through any wormhole portal he may pass not only from one point in space to another but also from one point in time to another,
    In the case of the Great Darxtarian Portal, this means a Time Differential of 40,000 years.

75,273 BGE, 802,701 AD
Edward Poppins, an English gentleman from the 1890ís AD, travels to the future in a time machine and visits the Eloi and Morlocks who by that time inhabit the planet Earth.

71,603-70,656 BGE, (On the other side of the Thyllax Gate: 31,319-30,372 BGE)
40,000 years in the future: Xin the Great and his Xerlitan minions ignite a war against the Darxtarian Empire in the Galactic Core.
The war spills over through the Kuthallu Gate into the Intruder Galaxy, forty thousand years earlier.

    The Thousand Year War is waged in the Intruder Galaxy.

70,761 BGE, (On the other side of the Thyllax Gate: 30,477 BGE)
40,000 years in the future: the Kuthallu Gate is destroyed by Xerlitan rebels and the Darxtarian Empire loses contact with the Galactic Core. Immediately, a fleet of relativistic sub-light ships are sent to the Core to attempt the construction of a new portal. Failing in this endeavour, the Darxtarian Empire retreats into silent isolation for untold millenia.

Abaddon disappears through a small wormhole portal he constructed for himself on Extar. It is said he will reappear from it in one hundred thousand years.

c.63,000 BGE, (On the other side of the Kuthallu Gate: c.103,000 BGE)
The relativistic transport-ship from the Intruder Galaxy arrives at the Galactic Core bringing with it the Kuthallu Gate of the Great Darxtarian Portal.
The Kuthallu Gate is opened and an invasion fleet of the Darxtarian Empire emerges from forty thousand years in the past.

The Darxtarian Empire is expanded across the entire Galactic Core.

(interestingly, due to the time dilating nature of the Great Darxtarian Portal, the Darxtarianís empire in the Galactic Core is defeated nearly 8,000 years before it is created.)

c.63,000-30,372 BGE
The Darxtarian Empire rules the Galactic Core.

31,319 BGE
Xin the Great of the planet Xerlitu incites ten thousand worlds to rebel against the Darxtarian Empire, igniting a war that would rage for centuries and across space and time.

31,319-30,372 BGE, (On the other side of the Kuthallu Gate: 71,603-70,656 BGE)
The Thousand Year War is waged in the Galactic Core.

30,477 BGE, (On the other side of the Kuthallu Gate: 70,761 BGE)
the Darxtarian fleet of relativistic sub-light ships (launched 40,000 years earlier) arrives at the Galactic Core and attempts to stop the Xerlitan rebels from destroying the Kuthallu Gate but fail in this endeavour.
~ the Kuthallu Gate is destroyed and connection between the Galactic Core and the Intruder Galaxy is lost.

over the next century the Xerlitan rebels fight the remaining factions loyal to Darxta in our Galaxy until at last, victorious in their efforts, they create a peaceful and enduring empire of their own.

30,372 BGE
The Xerlitan Empire is founded.

c.29,000 BGE
The planet Earth, long forgotten as the birth planet of the human race, is rediscovered by Calvor the Galactic Explorer and is connected via wormhole portal to galactic civilisation. The Eloi and the Morlocks are put on reservations.

25,565 BGE
Fall of the Xerlitan Empire

c.25,000 BGE
the entire Galaxy is connected through wormhole portals.

24,641 BGE
Zargon, Prince of Lor, conquers Antichton and founds the city of Crothon.

22,935 BGE
The Shincian Empire is founded.

13,905 BGE
The Perseid Empire is founded.

9610 BGE
the King of Antichton conquers Shinc and establishes the Antichthean Empire as the sole ruler of the Galactic Core.

c.9500 BGE
construction begins on the Omicron, a giant edifice situated around the super-massive black hole at the center of the galaxy which, when completed, will allow instantaneous travel anywhere in the Galaxy without the need for wormhole portals.

c.9000-1 BGE
The Age of Seven Empires.
The Perseid Empire,
The Centarian Empire,
The Atrean Empire,
The Sagarian Empire,
The Elyan Empire,
The Antichthean Empire,
and far away and forgotten in the Intruder Galaxy:
The Darxtarian Empire.

106 BGE
the Omicron is finally completed and activated, allowing, for itís owners, instantaneous travel to any point in the Galaxy.

c.40 BGE
the Paladins of Vigrin are elected as guardians of the Omicron.

1 GE, 877,974 AD
The Galactic Empire is Founded.
the First Emperor, using the power of the Omicron, conquers the other six empires and rules the Galaxy from his capital on Antichton.

1-827 GE
reign of the First Emperor.

827 GE
upon the death of the First Emperor a republican government is established to rule the Galaxy.

827-3951 GE
The Galactic Republic.

3948-3951 GE
The Galactic Civil War.

3951 GE
the Pale Emperor overthrows the Galactic Republic and restores the Galactic Empire.

3951-3991 GE
reign of the Pale Emperor.

3981-3991 GE
The Imperial Wars.

3991-6125 GE
the Glorious Era.

6125-6161 GE
The Inglorious Rebellion.

6161-7063 GE
The Fractured Era.
following the rebellion the empire is fractured into nineteen pieces.

7063 GE
the Egalitarian Emperor unites the entire galaxy for the first time in a thousand years.

7063-9966 GE
The Magnificent Era.
the Galactic Empire is restored and reigns supreme for nearly three thousand years.

9966-10,089 GE
The Ignoble Rebellions.

10,089-11,011 GE
The Confusion Era.
following the Ignoble Rebellions, the Galaxy is once again fractured and the emperor is forced to rule in exile.

11,011 GE
Invasion From The Unknown.
forces from the Unknown Regions sweep into the galaxy and establish their own empire.

11,011-12,026 GE
the Theiapurgian Era.
the Galaxy is ruled by barbarians from the planet Theiapurgia of the Unknown Regions.

12,026 GE
Emperor Viagronn erects the aging empire to itís former glory.

12,026-c.13,300 GE
The Golden Era.
once again, the Galactic Empire reigns supreme over all the stars and all the planets.

c.13,300 GE
the empire begins to slip into decline, planets across the galaxy break away from the empire and establish their own interstellar kingdoms.

c.13,300-14,788 GE
The Decline Era.

14,788 GE
Antichton is sacked by rebel forces from the planet Tormod. the emperor is forced into exile on the nearby planet of Carandune where he and his successors continue to rule over a small empire of twenty planets for two centuries.

15,035 GE
The pathetic remnant of the Galactic Empire loses control of itís second last planet and Carandune stands alone to be ruled by the Emperor.

The Last Galactic Emperor has himself placed in cryostasis, in the hopes that he will one day be revived when his empire once again rules the Galaxy.

c.15,000-25,000 GE
The Galactic Dark Age

24,987 GE, 1 GA
Founding of the Galactic Alliance
Under the Treaty of Pallatea, the interstellar kingdoms of the Galaxy are united under one government.

The Last Galactic Emperor, still frozen in cryostasis, is declared the head-of-state of the new Alliance, legitimising itís rule in the eyes of the Galaxy.
Actual power is rested in the hands of the Chancellor and his Galactic Council.

~ The Paladins of Vigrid, guardians of the ancient Omicron, retain political seperation from the Alliance along with the mighty edifice they control.

25,889 GE, 903 GA
Abaddonís Portal is activated on the dead planet Morga and Abaddon emerges through it from a hundred thousand years in the past.

25,945 GE, 959 GA
The Galactic Empire is Reborn
Chancellor Apollyon of the Galactic Alliance, snuffs out the Last Galactic Emperor, who was frozen in cryostasis, and declares himself the rightful heir.
~ The Paladins of Vigrid oppose this new tyrant and forces of the two factions stand at odds for the next sixty-seven years.

The body of Iaron, saviour of the ancient Jeshuron, arrives in the Leuca System having drifted in deep space for some eight hundred thousand years, and is restored to life.

25,995 GE, 1009 GA
the boy Estin is born on the planet Leuca. is mentored by the wise aging Iaron.

25,997 GE, 1011 GA
Alora, the pretty girlfriend and lover of the boy Estin, is born.

26,006 GE, 1020 GA
the ancient Darxtarian Empire, isolated and forgotten for thousands of generations, suddenly and unexpectedly invades our Galaxy.
Apollyon and the Paladins of Vigrid reluctantly join forces to fight this common threat.

26,006-26,012 GE, 1020-1026 GA
The Final Galactic War

26,011 GE,1025 GA
Estin and Iaron begin their quest to find the garden planet Earth.

26,012 GE, 1026 GA, 903,985 AD
The Battle of Dagorath
The Galactic Cataclysm
At the end of the war, Apollyon and his few remaining allies make a final stand, against all the forces of the universe, at the center of the Galaxy.
Seeing that his cause is lost, Apollyon orders the destruction of the Omicron causing a hypernova, the light of which will outshine the entire galaxy for a thousand years.
Immediatly, everywhere, all Faster-Than-Light travel and communication is disabled, and just like that, Galactic Civilisation is brought to an end.

Estin and his pretty girlfriend, Alora, embark to the garden planet Earth in an ancient sub-light starship.

26,012-c.75,000 GE
The Post-Cataclysm Era
   The Astrothanatos
Over the course of fifty thousand years, deadly radiation from the Omicron Hypernova courses across the Galaxy at the speed of light, killing all life on every world it touches.
Being without the benefit of Faster-Than-Light travel or communication, human beings on every world while away the centuries or millenia, isolated from all other worlds, simply awaiting their coming apocalypse. And by the time the wave of death reaches their planet, many had forgotten it was even coming,
Dagorath being a legendary event of the ancient past.

c.50,000 GE
Estin and Alora arive at Earth and put themselves in cryostasis in the ancient Sarcophagi of Aemen Messeus in preperation to protect themselves from the coming wave of deadly radiation.

52,024 GE, 929,997 AD
Deadly radiation from the Omicron Hypernova reaches Earth. a bright star appears in the sky outshing the sun, bringing fiery heat and death to the planet.


From hear on dates will be listed our modern calendar.

9,800,815 AD
Estin and Alora awaken from their cryostasis on the garden planet Earth, once again alive with life, perhaps the last two human beings alive.

c.10,000,000 AD and Beyond
Over millions of years, the descendents of Estin and Alora evolve into new species and eventually reclaim the stars, colonising ten thousand galaxies of the Virgo Supercluster.
~ Elsewhere in the Universe, other intelligences evolve on other planets until, on one remote day, one of them finally makes an ill-fated encounter with the descendents of Mankind.
~ Over the course of countless eons that would make the current age of the Universe seem like a day compared to a lifetime, innumerable intelligent races rise, flourish, exterminate other races and die out themselves - on an unimaginable number of worlds, in an unimaginable number of galaxies - until the stars burn out and the Universe is left cold, dark and empty....


c.250,000,000 AD
The contintents of Earth re-combine to form the supercontinent Pangaea Ultima.

c.558,000,000 AD
The expanding Sun causes all plants to whither and die off from the surface of the Earth.

c.800,000,000 AD
The expanding Sun begins to evaporate Earthís oceans. at this time Earth is inhabited by giant arthropods.

c.1,600,000,000 AD
All major lifeforms on Earth are extinct.

c.3,000,000,000 AD
Earthís oceans have, by now, completely evaporated.

c.3,500,000,000 AD
The Andromeda Galaxy collides with our own.
(Individual stars and planets within the galaxies remain unaffected)

c.5,400,000,000 AD
the Sun begins to expand into a red giant.

c.6,300,000,000 AD
Mercury is consumed by the expanding sun.

c.6,900,000,000 AD
Venus is consumed.

7,816,211,992 AD
The Solar Supernova

The Sunís outer layers dissipate into a planetary nebula leaving behind only a small, cold white dwarf star to shine on a frigid Earth.

c.17,000,000,000 AD
The white dwarf Sun finally burns out. Earth is left in complete darkness.

c.500,000,000,000 AD
The Coalescence of the Galaxies
The hundred thousand galaxies of the Virgo Supercluster merge into one collosal super-galaxy millions of light-years across. Other superclusters also merge into super-galaxies seperated from eachother by billions of light-years by the expanding Universe.

c.100,000,000,000,000 AD
The Last Star in the Universe burns out... ďand darkness was on the face of the deep.Ē

c.100,000,000,000,000-311,000,000,000,000 AD
The Cosmic Night
For ages that seem like an eternity, the stars, having all burnt out, lie as cold, black embers shining no light on a dark, lifeless Universe.

c.150,000,000,000,000 AD
The Universe stops expanding and begins to slowly collapse...

c.311,026,000,000,000 AD
Chaos Returns
The collapsing Universe pushes all her matter together once more in a chaotic orgy of photons and protons and super-massive black holes.

311,026,270,001,985 AD
The Big Crunch

The entire Universe collapses into a single point and disappears.



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