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The Seventy Thousand Year Reign
and the
Colonisation of the Galaxy

20,000 to 770,000 AD

18,868-21,593 AD, 2,700 Years
The Reign of Almighty King Galannar
    The first immortal king of Sireac.

20,357 AD, 18,401 AS
Fall of the Last Terran Autocrat
    The immortal Prince Enmenleus, son of the immortal King Gallanar of Sireac, arrives and conquers Earth with only the ancient and failing Terran Autocracy to defend her.

20,422-20,435 AD, Phaethon Years 9569-9576
The First Sirean Invasion of Phaethon
    The forces of Galannar, the Almighty King of Sireac, invade the planet Phaethon and topple the Phaethon Autocracy but are ultimately thwarted by the upstart resistance leader, Reigh Van Steele, who founds a kingdom founded on the principles of heavy metal.

c.20,500 AD
Adventurers from the ancient Terran Empire arrive at Elyon, a paradise planet 180 parsecs from Cygnus X-1.

21,558-21,571 AD, Phaethon Year 10,163-10,170
The Second Sirean Invasion of Phaethon
    The Sireans attempt another invasion of Phaethon but are defeated once again by the native Phaethians, this time led by Roxter Van Steele, heavy metal guitar hero and descendant of Reigh. Triumphant, they send a war fleet of their own to follow their adversaries back to Sireac.

21,593 AD, Sireac Year 3801
The Death of Almighty King Galannar
    The Almighty King is killed when the Phaethian war fleet arrives at Sireac and attacks the capital city of Agribol.
Dumazzar, immortal son of Galannar, is annointed the new Almighty King. In his rage, he orders the destruction of Phaethon, and a star missile, the deadliest weapon in the universe, is sent towards that planet.

21,593-22,507 AD, 914 Years
The Reign of Almighty King Dumazzar
    A cruel and arrogant tyrant, he succeeds his father as the second immortal king of Sireac.

21,611 AD, Phaethon Year 10,191
The Phaethian Apocalypse
    The Sirean star missile arrives at Phaethon and strikes the planet at close to the speed of light, annihilating it’s entire surface and killing every living thing. Survivors, in outer space at the time of the cataclysm, construct a fleet of guitar shaped starships to carry their people to a new home.

21,615 AD, 19,659 AS
Disgusted by the Phaethian genocide, Enmenleus embarks to Sireac to usurp the throne of Almighty King from his evil brother, Dumazzar.

21,633 AD, Sireac Year 3810
On the planet Sireac: Almighty King Dumazzar refuses to step down and Enmenleus barely escapes Sireac with his life.

21,651 AD, 19,695 AS
Enmenleus returns to Earth in shame. Enraged and humiliated, he declares war on his brother.

21,651-22,507 AD, 19,695-20,551 AS, Sireac Year 3814-4004
War of the Immortal Brothers
    Enmenleus, Prince of Earth, and Dumazzar, Almighty King of Sireac wage a bloody war for centuries, whiling away countless armies and billions of lives and, in the end, leaving civilisation on both their worlds laying in waste.

22,507 AD, Sireac Year 4004
The Death of Almighty King Dumazzar
    After centuries of brutal warfare, Dumazzar is killed in his sleep by a lone assassin from Earth, ending the war at long last.

Fall of the Golden Kingdom on Sireac

22,524 AD, 20,568 AS
Enmenleus is annointed as the Almighty King.

22,524-51,736 AD, 29,200 Years
The Reign of Almighty King Enmenleus
    Defeating his evil brother, Dumazzar, Enmenleus is annointed as the Almighty King and moves the throne from the planet Sireac to Earth (renamed “Arac”).
    During his reign, civilisation on Arac, decimated by the wars, is reduced to an agrarian level and remains so for tens of thousands of years while a vast automated defense system, commanded by a small human elite, is maintained to defend the newly isolated planet.

26,969 AD, Tau Ceti Year 29,997
The Deianaran Deluge
    A vapor canopy in Deianara’s upper atmosphere collapses and rains down upon the planet as global earthquakes unleash immense fountains from underground aquifers flooding the entire planet within forty days.

In the end, the world-wide ocean freezes and Deianara is once again covered in ice.

c.31,200-35,800 AD, Epaphus Year c.46,700-54,400
The Red Star Era on Epaphus

c.35,000 AD
Man has colonised 10,000 planets (across 200 parsecs).

c.50,000 AD
The planet Venus is dead after slowly roasting as it reverted to it’s pre-terraformed state.

51,076 AD
Alaliaq, son of Enmenleus, is born. A mortal man, he has his head installed in a jar so that he may live forever like his father.

51,648 AD
Birth of Alaliar and Alalium, the immortal twins.
    The Almighty King Enmenleus, in his eternal loneliness, has his most beloved concubine drink from the Vial of Amrita and conceives with her two immortal sons.

51,736 AD
The Death of Almighty King Enmenleus.
Murdered by his treacherous son, Alalium.

Upon the death of the Almighty King, conflict erupts between the twin immortal brothers. Alaliar, victorious, has his traitor brother Alalium put into cryostasis, never to be woken again, and sent in exile to the moon Epaphus along with their half-brother, Alaliaq.

51,736-80,204 AD, 28,500 Years
The Reign of Almighty King Alaliar
    Taking up the throne of his father, the immortal Alaliar rules over Arac in much the same manner, maintaining a peaceful, agrarian society in which he reigns over quietly for over a thousand generations.

52,900 AD
The Phaethian fleet of guitar shaped starships, carrying the refugees of the Phaethian Apocalypse, arrives at the crystal planet Orolin, there to start life anew on that distant world.

c.73,140 AD, Tau Ceti Year c.88,900
The last man on Abderus dies on a dying planet.

c.75,000 AD
Man has colonised 50,000 planets (across 400 parsecs).

78,297 AD, Epaphus Year 125,472
On the moon Epaphus: Doctor Waeko discovers and awakens the jarred head of Alaliaq.

78,321 AD
Darian’s parents depart from Earth to Epaphus. Die before arrival.

78,339 AD, Epaphus Year 125,541
Darian is born (in an artificial womb) on Epaphus.

78,357 AD, Epaphus Year 125,572
Alaliaq, the pickled head, with the help of the Earth boy Darian awakens Alalium from his 26,000 year sleep.
~ Alalium departs from Epaphus.

78,391 AD, Sireac Year 16,444
Alalium arrives at Sireac and begins to spread his influence.

c.78,400 AD
The Jeshuron people, led by their wise leader, Father Onon, leave the planet Sireac to settle the promised planet Yva, fourth in the Lambda Arae System.

c.79,500 AD
The immortal Alalium, having made himself King of Sireac and built a powerful industry there, utilizes heretical genetic technology to engineer a race of bestial warriors. Sets his eyes on Arac.

79,548 AD, Sireac Year 16,702
The immortal Alalium, with his army of monsters, declares war on his brother Alaliar, the Almighty King of Arac.

79,548-80,204 AD, Sireac Years 16,702-16,848
The Second War of Immortal Brothers
    The immortal twins, sons of almighty Enmenleus, fight a bloody war for centuries. Alaliar, the Almighty King of Arac, is forced to build a massive industry on his planet to match the forces of his brother, but is ultimately defeated in single combat and Alalium is crowned the Almighty King.

80,204-90,060 AD, 9,850 Years
The Reign of Almighty King Alalium
    The great heretic, he murdered his own brother to gain the throne and used technologies forbidden since the before the ancient Autocracy to create races of genetic abominations to supplant the human population of Arac and serve his will. These include the heartless demons known as the Myz.
    Seeking to create the greatest empire the universe has ever known, he undertakes great experiments to gain secrets of nature, never before known to Man.

c.80,250 AD
In an effort to achieve the ancient dream of Faster-Than-Light travel, the Almighty King Alalium orders the construction of a particle accelerator four billion miles wide around the outskirts of the Solar System.

c.82,000 AD
Construction is completed on the Almighty King’s great particle accelerator. A group of the greatest scientific minds from his small empire are immortalized by encasing their brains in jars and installing them in spider robot mechanisms to work for centuries in a secret subterranean base on the ice planetoid Quaoar to operate Alalium’s Accelerator and discover the secret of Faster-Than-Light travel.

c.88,900 AD
The ageless scientist slaves of Quaoar finally succeed in creating what comes to be known as the “Quaoar Device”, which function by maintaining microscopic wormholes.
These impressive machines are capable of allowing Faster-Than-Light communication but not travel.

Infuriated by their perceived failure, the Almighty King orders the destruction of the scientists. He nevertheless utilizes their devices to conquer the largest empire ever seen by Man, ruling hundreds of planets across dozens of parsecs.

The blueprints for the Quaoar Device are stored in Alalium’s Sciocron, a device made to preserve vast amounts of data for vast lengths of time.

89,049 AD
The four inhabited planets of the Lambda Arae System are conquered by Alalium’s Empire forcing the peaceful Jeshuron people into servitude.
~ Secretly, in the outskirts of their solar system, the Jeshuron begin constructing gigantic civilisation ships, the sixteen Vecnos, to usher their people away from servitude and slavery.

c.89,050 AD
A young Jeshuron prophet speaks of the prophecy of the “Astrothanatos”: the destruction of Mankind and the end of his reign in the Universe.

89,630 AD
In the Lambda Arae System: the sixteen Vecnos are completed. The Jeshuron escape their doomed system in their gigantic civilisation ships, some embark towards a supernova that occured in the galactic west, others travel towards Earth to wage a hopeless war with Alalium’s Empire for centuries.

89,630-90,060 AD
The Jeshuron’s Holy War against Almight King Alalium

90,060 AD
The Death of Almighty King Alalium
    The catacylismic eruption of the Yellowstone Super-Volcano coincides with the defeat of Alalium’s Empire to the heroic Jeshuron people.
    Alalium himself is defeated in hand-to-hand combat with the Jeshuron hero Iaron but mortally wounds his opponent in the process.

The body of Iaron, hero and saviour of the Jeshuron, is sent floating towards the supernova in the west, following the fleet of Vecnos. Meanwhile, Xahn, the enigmatic leader of the Ordaqian Jeshurons, steals away with Alalium’s Sciocron.

c.110,000 AD
Man has colonised 100,000 planets (across 900 parsecs).

c.127,000 AD
The Jeshuron arrive at their destination and discover a beautiful new home for themselves on the planet Leuca.

127,000-134,000 AD
The Seven Thousand Year Peace on Leuca.

c.145,000 AD
Man has colonised 1,000,000 planets (across 1,500 parsecs).

c.420,000 AD
Man has colonised 6,000,000 planets (a quarter of the Galaxy).

~ Colonisation reaches the Galactic Core.

481,830 AD
The planet Antichton, near the center of the Galaxy and destined to one day rule it, is colonised.

c.488,000 AD
The planet Sagarion, in the Sagittarius Arm, is colonised.

c.540,000 AD
Man has colonised 12,000,000 planets (half the Galaxy).

c.597,000 AD
The planet Atreon, in the Crux Arm, is colonised.

c.619,000 AD
The planet Perseon, on the far side of the Galaxy, is colonised.

c.630,000 AD
Man has colonised 19,000,000 planets (three quarters of the Galaxy).

c.678,000 AD
The planet Centarus, on the far side of the Galaxy, is colonised.

c.700,000 AD
Man has completely colonised the Galaxy, inhabiting 25,000,000 planets.

c.743,000 AD
In the nearby Intruder Galaxy (a small satallite galaxy of our own): the planet Darxta is colonised.

c.749,000 AD
On the planet Darxta: King Matan Beliar is approached by a mysterious man known as Abaddon who brings with him, from the far side of the Galaxy, an ancient artifact rumoured to allow Faster-Than-Light communication.

Utilizing this secret, ancient technology, the Darxtarians conquer a large interstellar empire, while Abaddon is granted a fleet of starships to colonise a planet of his choosing a thousand parsecs away, at the other end of the Intruder Galaxy.

The Founding of the Darxtarian Empire

756,145 AD
Abaddon (actually an immortal) and his Darxtarian conquest fleet arrive at the planet Extar and Abaddon is made king.

756,201 AD
The immortal Abaddon begins his great endeavor of creating Faster-Than-Light travel.

770,000 AD
Faster-Than-Light Travel is Invented

    After fourteen thousand years of perilous research and arduous work, Abaddon and his humble people finally discover the secret of Faster-Than-Light travel, opening a wormhole portal between Extar and the nearby planet Terminax.

The Galactic Era Begins...


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