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1841 to 18,401 AS
(3797 to 20,357 AD)

Table of the Contents

   Timekeeping in the Terran Autocracy
   Civilisation Before the Foundation Wars
         c.11,600 B.S. - 1829 A.S. (c.9600 B.C. - 3770 A.D.)
13,000 years
   The Terran Federation
         1841 - 2702 A.S. (3797 - 4658 A.D.)
860 years
      The First
   Terran Autocracy

         2702 - 5573 A.S. (4658 - 7529 A.D.)
2,870 years
   The 1st Interregnum Era
         5573 - 6316 A.S. (7529 - 8272 A.D.)
740 years
      The Second
   Terran Autocracy

         6316 - 9304 A.S. (8272 - 11,260 A.D.)
2,990 years
   The 2nd Interregnum Era
         9304 - 10,263 A.S. (11,260 - 12,200 A.D.)
960 years
      The Third
   Terran Autocracy
    (The Terran Empire)

         10,263 - 13,218 A.S. (12,200 - 15,200 A.D.)
2,950 years
   The 3rd Interregnum
         13,218 - 16,326 A.S. (15,200 - 18,300 A.D.)
3,100 years
      The Fourth
   Terran Autocracy

         16,326 - 17,138 A.S. (18,300 - 19,094 A.D.)
812 years
   The Sirean Occupation
         17,138 - 17,520 A.S. ( 19,094 - 19,480 A.D.)
382 years
      The Final
   Terran Autocracy

         17,520 - 18,401 A.S. (19,480 - 20,360 A.D.)
880 years

Timekeeping in the Terran Autocracy

By the time of the Terran Autocracy the Gregorian Calendar (the calendar we use today) is no longer in use and has been replaced by the “Oenotrian Calendar” whose years begin, not on January 1, but on December 21: the Winter Solstice.

The years used by this new calendar are labeled: A.S. for “Anno Scienta” (or “After Sputnik” for the layman).
These years count from the launching of Mankind’s first satellite in 1957 A.D. (1 A.S.)
and begin on December 21, 1956 A.D. (1 Capricorn, 1 A.S.)

Any years occuring before this date are labeled B.S. for “Before Sputnik”
Therefore December 20, 1956 A.D. = 30 Sagittarius, 1 B.S.

The Oenotrian Calendar:

~ 30 days ~
Dec. 21 - Jan. 19
Daeis 1 - 30
~ 31 days ~
Mar. 20 - Apr. 19
(Mar. 19 - Apr. 18)

Daeis 90 - 120
~ 31 days ~
June 21 - July 21
Daeis 183 - 213
          (184 - 214)
~ 30 days ~
Sept. 22 - Oct. 21
Daeis 276 - 305
          (277 - 306)
~ 28 days ~
Jan. 20 - Feb. 16
Daeis 31 - 58
~ 31 days ~
Apr. 20 - May 20
(Apr. 19 - May 19)

Daeis 121 - 151
~ 31 days ~
July 22 - Aug. 21
Daeis 214 - 244
          (215 - 245)
~ 30 days ~
Oct. 22 - Nov. 20
Daeis 306 - 335
          (307 - 336)
~ 31 days ~
Feb. 17 - Mar. 19
(Feb. 17 - Mar. 18)*

Daeis 59 - 89
~ 31 or 32 days ~
May 21 - June 20
(May 20 - June 20)

Daeis 152 - 182
          (152 - 183)
~ 31 days ~
Aug. 22 - Sept. 21
Daeis 245 - 275
          (246 - 276)
~ 30 days ~
Nov. 21 - Dec. 20
Daeis 336 - 365
          (337 - 366)

*Dates in (brackets) and italics correspond to leap-years.
Leap-years in the Oenotrian Calendar coincide with those in the Gregorian Calendar.

Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) begins on the 1st of Capricorn,
Spring Equinox on the 1st of Aries,
Summer Solstice on the 1st of Cancer,
Autumn Equinox on the 1st of Libra.

Below, an example of the calendar for our current year: 62 A.S.
(Dec. 21, 2017 - Dec. 20, 2018 A.D.)

The Rise of Civilisation on Earth
c.11,600 - 100 B.S.

The History of Civilisation begins some twelve thousand years before the advent of Space Travel, when the first human beings left their cave-man ways behind and began to grow crops and settle in villages. During the next few millenia, the first villages became the first walled cities, the cities banded together to form the first kingdoms, and the kingdoms were conquered to form the first empires.

Over the centuries, these early civilisations would rise and fall, but eventually, some four thousand years after the construction of the pyramids, the spark of reason would ignite in the minds of a gifted few in the continent of Europe. A spark that would lead to an age when the light of science would enlighten the world and Man would grow to such a power that he was ready to conquer the universe...

c.11,600 Before Sputnik
The End of the Last Ice Age.

Beginning of the Agricultural Revolution.

c.5000 B.S.
The first Civilisations arise in Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and Crete.

4460 B.S.
The Great Pyramids of Giza are completed.

3447 B.S.
The Eruption of Thera spells doom for Bronze Age Civilisation.

2709 B.S.
The Founding of Rome.

1924 B.S.
The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

1481 B.S.
The Fall of the Roman Empire.

465 B.S.
Columbus Discovers America.

181 B.S.
The American Declaration of Independence is Signed.

The Pre-Apocalyptic Golden Age
c.50 B.S. - 100 A.S.

With the advent of industrial technology, the first Global Civilisation (centered on Europe and the American Republic) spread across the Earth.
Building on the accomplishments of the Industrial Revolution and fueled by oil, Western Civilisation rose to heights unparalleled by anything that had come before it.
In addition to nuclear power and space travel; television, computers, genetic engineering, and robotics were all invented during this period. But like the mythical Faust, the people of the Old Civilisation asked for too much, too fast. Depleting most of their resources in little more than a century, they were ultimately doomed to destroy themselves in fiery conflict.

43-39 B.S.
World War I

18-12 B.S.
World War II

1 Anno Scienta, 1957 AD
The Beginning of the Space Age
  Mankind launches its first artificial satellite into Earth’s orbit: Sputnik 1

13 A.S.
The first man lands on the Moon.

29 A.S.
7 Sagittarius (November 27): Ryley David Douglas Nickel is born in the “City of Champions” (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada).

62 A.S., 2018 AD
“Our” present

81 A.S.
The first men land on Mars.

101-105 A.S.
World War III

c.105-160 A.S.
The Decline of Western Civilisation
    Following it’s third world war, overpopulated and with depleting resources, the Old Civilisation falls into irreversable decline.

158-165 A.S.
The Apocalypse
    The Antichrist, Leopold Nicolai, rises to power in Europe and soon becomes the most powerful man in the world.
During his reign, the Old Civilisation enters it’s final world war and ultimately destroys itself in the fires of Nuclear Holocaust.

The Post-Apocalypse
165-c.800 A.S.

For centuries civilisation lies in ruins in the wake of Armageddon. Much of the old knowledge and technology are lost and men return to primitive implements.

180 A.S.
The planet Phaethon in the Alpha Centauri System is colonised by a crew of astronauts who left Earth before the Apocalypse.

283-287 AS
The Dark Age War

550 A.S.
Veho Vasallus rediscovers Antarctica (now partially thawed due to global warming).

c.800 A.S.
Global Warming has Risen the Seas

    During the centuries of the Post-Apocalypse the industrial gases left over by the Old Civilisation continued to warm the Earth until the ice caps had completely melted and the oceans had risen by 220 feet. The equatorial regions became torrid deserts, the polar regions became habitable for the first time in Man’s history, and the map of the Earth was greatly changed.

    By the time a New Civilisation arose a new world was left behind for Mankind to inherit.

The Rebirth of Civilisation
c.800-1050 A.S.

After centuries of existing in Post-Apocalyptic ruin, a New Civilisation begins to rise from the ashes of the Old.
The silver age of Mankind is ushered in as the old knowledge and technologies are gradually rediscovered.

815-825 AS
World War V

825 A.S.
The Oenotrian Republic is founded in Antarctica.

989 A.S.
The Atlantan Confederacy is founded in what was once America.

1041 A.S.
The Boriterranean Federation is founded in the lands surrounding the Arctic Ocean.

1052-1065 AS
World War VI

1056 A.S.
The Chinese Hegemony is founded in China.

The Solar Diaspora
c.1050-1300 A.S.

With the (re?)discovery of nuclear fusion, the New Civilisation reaches heights never achieved by the Old. Rockets are sent back into space, colonies are set up across the Solar System creating Man’s first interplanetary civilisation, and great interstellar vessels are sent to the stars.

1081 A.S.
Man returns to Outer Space for the first time in 900 years.

1095 A.S.
Man returns to the Moon.

1126 A.S.
Man returns to Mars.
   Terraformation soon begins.

1165 A.S.
China lands the first men on Venus.

1216 A.S.
The terraformation of Venus commences.

1255 A.S.
Men return to the planet Phaethon.

1279 A.S.
The first men land on the moon Epaphus in the Epsilon Eridani System.

1281-1315 AS
The Confederacy Wars

Fall of the Atlantan Confederacy.

1296 A.S.
The first men land on the planet Deianara in the Tau Ceti System.

The Technocracy Era
c.1350-1512 A.S.

As Man’s knowledge and power grows, his technology rises to the point where it threatens to become more powerful than him.
It is a time of decadence and ignorance when people live in domed cities spending most of their time in virtual fantasy worlds, apathetic to the fact that they are hostage to technocratic regimes.

1439-1502 A.S.
The evil megacorp Sairakeis™ takes over Japan, China and much of the Eastern Hemisphere, converting it’s citizens into mindless cyborg slaves.

1508-1512 AS
The Great Machine War

    Sairakeis™ is defeated and Earth is divided in two between the Boriterranean Empire in the north and the Oenotrian Empire in the south.

1512 A.S.
The Treaty of Neamilanis
    Technologies deemed hazardous to the survival of the human race (AI, computer brain implants, virtual reality, etc.) are severely restricted. Some are strictly forbidden.

Mankind pushes forward as a wiser race.

The Twin Empires Era
1512-1821 A.S.

In the aftermath of the Great Machine War, Boriterranea and Oenotria remain as the only nations strong enough to inherit the Earth.
Together they forge the Boriterranean and Oenotrian Empires and divide the Earth between them for the next three hundred years.

1512-1525 A.S.
The Great Cyborg Expulsion.

1657 A.S.
The Hiroma Rebellion
   The Saibogu Dynasty is founded on Venus (now half terraformed).

1711 A.S.
Mabus Napthora is born.

1800 A.S., 3755 AD
3 Capricorn: Cyrus Basileus is born in the “City of Champions” (Edmontonea, Boriterranean Empire).

1814-1841 AS
The Foundation Wars

1821 A.S.
The Second Nuclear Holocaust.
~ Mabus Napthora becomes Emperor of Earth.

1829 A.S.
Cyrus Basileus leads the revolt against the evil tyrant, Mabus Napthora.

1841 A.S.
1 Pisces: Cyrus Basileus slays Napthora and liberates the Earth.

7 Sagittarius: Upon his triumphant victory, the Terran Federation is founded and Cyrus Basileus is appointed the first Imperator.
The old empires of Oenotria and Boriterranea remain as the Northern and Southern Consulates of the Federation. Consuls are voted locally in each every seven years. Power is shared between the Consuls and their respective senates, seated in their old state capitals, and the Imperator presiding over them, seated at Nova Eburicum.

The Terran Federation
1841-2702 A.S.
(3797-4658 AD)

Rising from the ashes of the Second Nuclear Holocaust and the twenty-seven year long Foundation Wars, Cyrus Basileus founds a government based on the principles of individual merit and long term stability. Struggling in it’s earliest years, new infrastructure is soon built and eventually, the Federation becomes a power to be reckoned with commanding it’s own interstellar colonial empire.

1881 A.S.
Cennedis Cyrus is elected by the two senates to be the second imperator upon the passing of the great Cyrus Basileus. He takes on the moniker Cennedis Basileus to honor the legend of his predecessor, a tradition that continues with every imperator until the end of the Federation Era.

1939 A.S., Phaethon Year 921
[1943 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Toliman Holocaust occurs on Phaethon.

1943 A.S.
Signals reach Earth informing that a global catastrophe has occured on Phaethon. A fleet is sent immediately to the Alpha Centauri System to investigate.

1949 A.S., Phaethon Year 926
[1953 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Terran fleet arrives at Phaethon and finds that the planet has been ravaged by a particularly dangerous pathogen. Under orders of Cennedis Basileus the planet is put under permanent quarantine.

c.2000 A.S., c.40th Venusian Turning
Terraformation is complete on Venus.
    Once an inhospitable planet with an atmosphere of sulpheric acid and pressure-cooker conditions at the surface, it is now a habitable world covered with shallow oceans and steamy jungles.

2003 A.S., Tau Ceti Year636
Terraformation begins on the planet Abderus in the Tau Ceti System.

The planet Abderus, which experiences no changing of seasons, uses the same year as Deianara which is equal to about 0.78 Earth years.

Go to: The History of the Tau Ceti System

2025 A.S.
Imperator Merrodaeo Basileus sends the massive colonial starship, the Interstellar Ark, known to later generations as “Merrodaeo’s Ark”, to the Altair System.
~ Disenfranchised by the ubiquitous influence of the Mundian Order, Mahdians of the long-dead Golden Caliphate emigrate from Earth en mass to assist in the colonisation of this new system.

2043 A.S.
Merrodaeo launches an invasion against Venus for fear of the growing power of it’s cyborg population.

2043-2051 A.S., 49th to 50th Venusian Turnings
The Third Venusian War
   Fought for five years by Merrodaeo Basileus until his untimely death in 2048. Carried on by Imperator Nerriclisser Basileus.

Venus, defeated, becomes part of the Terran Federation. As on Earth, computer brain implants are henceforward forbidden.

2048 A.S.
[2065 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Interstellar Ark arrives at the planet Altair IV and colonisation and terraforming begins. The planet remains a colony of the Federation.

Go to: The History of Sireac

2066 A.S., Mars Year 1100
In response to the growing power of the Terran Federation, the nations of Mars band together to form the Martian Alliance. Earth’s only substantial rival in the Solar System for the next 600 years.

2226 A.S., Andaman Year 1
[2245 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The planet Alsafi III of the Sigma Draconis System is colonised.
~ Imperator Hasereus Basileus signs a contract with the Venusian people, allowing them to terraform this new world.

one year on Alsafi III is equal to about 0.55 Earth years.

2257 A.S.
[2277 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The planet Delta II of the Delta Pavonis System is colonised. Becomes populated largely by Nubeans.

2444 A.S., Andaman Year 433
Alsafi III, now completely terraformed, is incorporated into the Federation under Imperator Lonimen Basileus.

c.2500 A.S.
Terraformation is complete on Altair IV.

2561-2599 A.S.
[2578-2616 A.S. from Earth’s Perpective]
The Sirean Jihad
   After centuries of percieved oppression, the Mahdian population of Altair IV declare jihad against the Terran Federation. Successful in their efforts, the Terran overlords are ousted and the planet is renamed Sireac.

   2566 A.S., Sireac Year1
   [2583 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Shah Akkar the Great is proclaimed the first king of the Golden Kingdom of Sireac.

one year on Sireac is equal about 4.49 Earth years.

2575 A.S., Tau Ceti Year 1366
[2587 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Thranikkus, the Abderitan Rebel, makes his last stand against the Epistemians on Abderus.

2646-2661 A.S., Mars Years 1408-1416
The Martian Wars.
   Overconfident in his power, King Tarian Tarkas of Mars launches an invasion against Earth. Initially tooken by surprise, the Terran Federation eventually regains it’s footing, defeats the Martian armada and pushes the war back to Mars itself.
~ Utterly defeated and ravaged by war, Mars is occupied by Terran forces and is annexed as part of the Federation.

2668 A.S., Andalus Year 1
[2688 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Nubean colonials on the planet Delta II, now named Andalus, revolt against the Terrans and win their independence from Earth.

one year on Andalus (Delta II) is equal to about 1.08 Earth years.

2685 A.S.
Narmer Proeleptis is appointed as the 24th imperator of the Terran Federation.

2689-2702 AS
The Consular Wars

   Civil war erupts on Earth as consuls Pisoel Cratoris of the Northern Consulate and Cierocis Proxen the Southern Consulate vie to re-instate the old Twin Empires and Imperator Narmer Basileus is forced into conflict with his own consuls in an effort to preserve the Federation.

   2702 A.S.
Victorious in the war, Narmer eliminates the office of consul and abolishes the two Consulates of the Federation. Instead Earth will now be divided into seventeen provinces ruled by one unified government with one senate, seated in Nova Eburicum.

Narmer takes on powers of both consul and imperator and becomes the first Terran Autocrat.

See: List of Terran Autocrats

The First Terran Autocracy
2702-5573 A.S.
(4658-7529 AD)

In the wake of the Consular Wars, the government founded by Cyrus Basileus matures into it’s own under the wise rule of the ultimate individual: the Autocrat. Selected from the very best of the population, the Autocrats rule and protect the Earth for the next three millenia bringing the entire Solar System under her wing and conquering planets beyond.

   The 1st Era
         2702-3108 A.S.   
406 years
   The 2nd Era
         3108-3653 A.S.
545 years
   The 3rd Era
         3653-3899 A.S.
246 years
   The 4th Era
         3899-4366 A.S.
467 years
   The 5th Era
         4366-5126 A.S.
760 years
   The 6th Era
         5126-5573 A.S.
447 years

2702-3108 A.S., 4658-5064 AD
The First Era of the Terran Autocracy
    The Autocrat, guided by the Senate and the Assembly, rules wisely over the Earth. His Autocracy endeavouring to conquer the entire Solar System and rid it of pirates, rebels and asteroid bandits.

2707 A.S., Andaman Year 915
Autocrat Narmer Proeleptis grants the Asiatic planet Andaman (formerly named Alsafi III) it’s independence.

2717 A.S., Sireac Year 34
[2744 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Postmillenial Christian infidels from Sireac commandeer the old starship Merrodaeo’s Ark to colonise the planet Malakbel of the Mu Herculis System.

3059 A.S., Epaphus Year 2975, Belus Year 1
[3089 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Epistemian Republic colonises the planets Belus and Danaus of the Delta Eridani System.

one year on Belus is equal to about 1.88 Earth years.
one year on Danaus is equal to about 2.35 Earth years.

3101 A.S.
The last independent space colony in the Solar System is conquered by Autocrat Ueben Caeim and the entire Solar System is brought under the wing of the Terran Autocracy.

3108-3653 A.S., 5064-5609 AD
The Second Era
    Beginning with the reign of Autocrat Oetibus Caemea, the Autocrats are granted near absolute power. Many of them become tyrants.

c.3240 A.S.
The planet Cardea of the Iota Persei System is colonised by Terrans as well as the Epaphians and Deianarans.

3305 A.S., Tau Ceti Year 2298
[3317 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Thromius the Great founds the Abderitan Kingdom on the planet Abderus.

3321 A.S.
[3379 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The planet Daraban, a small planet in a system near the star Aldebaraan, is colonised by dissidents from Mars.

3363 A.S., Phaethon Year 1666
[3367 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Uriah Valley Massacre occurs on Phaethon.
   When news reaches Earth, Autocrat Perreb Cethis orders a systematic eradication of the Crimson Plague.
Terran presence on Phaethon at this time sparks the slow revival of Phaethian civilisation.

3366 A.S., Tau Ceti Year 2376
[3378 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The declining Epistemian Republic withdraws it’s forces from the Tau Ceti System.

c.3390 A.S.
The planet Juturna of the 54 Piscium system is colonised by the Abderitans as well as some Deianarans, Epaphians, Terrans and Cardeans.

c.3400 A.S.
Terraformation begins on Monstella, Cardea’s sister planet in the Iota Persei System.

c.3440 A.S.
Deianara begins building colonies on planet Danaus in the Delta Eridani System.

3455 A.S.
[3482 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Alula Australis, a system with two potentially inhabitable worlds, is occupied by Deianaran forces.

c.3550 A.S.
The mystical planet Phantos in the Alpha Mensae System is colonised by mystics from Deianara.

3602 A.S.
Autocrat Caesis Caemea comes into power. The last and worst of the Second Era tyrants.

3623 A.S., Belus Year 301
[3653 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
    On the planet Danaus: All the Deianaran administrators are treacherously killed by Danaean daughters, striking off the Danai-Belusian Wars.
Lineis, the sole survivor of the treacherous assault, leads the forces of Belus to victory and seizes the throne of Danaus.

3649-3653 AS
The Caemean Civil War
occurs on Earth
    A number of semi-independent “Unions” lead an uprising against the authoritarian Autocrat Caesis Caemea.

3653 A.S.
Autocrat Caesis Caemea is assassinated.
    His successor, Autocrat Nedderis Doessir, formerly a Union Tribune, issues reforms limiting the power of the autocrat and restores order to the Autocracy.

3653-3899 A.S., 5609-5855 AD
The Third Era
    After the civil war, the secondary echelons of power in the Autocracy, ie. The Senate, the Collegiates, the Assembly, etc. gain more power while the power of the Autocrat himself is limited.

3789-3804 A.S., Phaethon Years 1889-1897
[3793-3808 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Second Globe War occurs on Phaethon.

3800 A.S., Phaethon Year 1895
[3804 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The rocket-ship is re-invented on Phaethon.

3837-3866 A.S., Tau Ceti Years 2976-3014
[3859-3888 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The reign on Deianara of Malnomos, the draconian lawgiver.

3892 A.S.
[3919 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Colonisation begins on the moon Astralis and the planet Lavinia in the Alula Australis System.
~ Exiled from Deianara to this undeveloped system by the draconian lawgiver Malnomos, Queen Palanta and her daughter Lavinia oversee the beginning of the terraformation of these two new worlds.

3899-4366 A.S., 5855-6322 AD
The Fourth Era
    Beginning with the reign of Autocrat Neifer Coeris, the Collegiates, those branches of the Terran government controlling industry, trade and commerce, become insanely powerful. Individual Magistrates (the leaders of the Collegiates) becoming nearly as powerful as the Autocrat himself.

c.3900 A.S.
Construction begins on the Frontier Defense, a swarm of billions of automated sentry drones surrounding the outer Solar System to protect from outside invasion.

3913-3919 A.S., Phaethon Years 1954-1957
[3917-3923 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Third Globe War occurs on Phaethon.

3916 A.S., Lavinia Year‡ 1
[3943 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Princess Lavinia becomes queen of the planet Lavinia and marries the Phaethian starship mechanic, Turner McArthur.

One year on Lavinia is equal to about 1.095 Earth years,
One year on Astralis is equal to about 1.096 Earth years.

3926 A.S., Phaethon Year 1961
The voyage of the Titania ends in disaster, colliding with an asteroid shortly before arrival and killing nearly everyone on board.

3931 A.S.
Autocrat Neifer Coeris completes construction on the Umbra Tower, a one mile tall tower in the city of Nova Eburicum that is to be the new financial office of the Autocracy and headquarters of the Collegiates.

3954 A.S., Phaethon Year 1975
Captain James Starkey is born on Phaethon.

3972 A.S., Phaethon Year 1985
Jim Starkey and his intrepid crewmates embark on their adventures in space aboard the hardy shuttle-craft the Wayward Son...

3989 A.S.
Autocrat Raetedis Dedeifer (formerly the Magistrate of the Mining and Resource Collegiate) launches an invasion against Phaethon.

3995-4020 A.S., Phaethon Years 1997-2010
[3999-4024 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Phaethian War
    In the end, Phaethon is defeated and annexed by the Terran Autocracy.
    ~ The city of Enduria is built to facilitate as capital city for the Terrans.

4137 A.S.
Autocrat Ferren Caeifer launches an invasion against Epaphus.

4152-4159 A.S., Epaphus Year 4802-4814
[4162-4169 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Epaphian War
    The Terran invasion attempt topples the Epistemian Republic but succeeds only in the acquisition of a modest sized territory on the planet, the province of Terrania.

4165 A.S., Sireac Year 356
[4192 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
    On the planet Malakbel: The Genocide of the Malak Jihad
An invasion force from Sireac arrives at Malakbel where the Malaki, descendants of the Postmillenial Christian infidels, are slaughtered by the millions. Survivors evacuate the system aboard Merrodaeo’s Ark.

4215 A.S., Epaphus Year 4907
[4225 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The ancient starship, Merrodaeo’s Ark, arrives at Epaphus bringing with it the refugees of Malakbel.

4359 A.S.
Work on the Frontier Defense is abandoned.
    Workers in the Oort Cloud, fed up with abysmal working conditions, go on strike against the Defense Collegiate. The Magistrate, in turn refuses to return them to Earth until they continue their work.
    This sparks the Caeifian Revolution...

4361-4366 AS
The Caeifian Revolution

    Civil disorder erupts on Earth as workers and citizens stand up against the higher echelons of power. In the end, Uecer Caeif, (brother of the previous autocrat, Cepsis Caeif), a champion of the people, is appointed the position of Autocrat and unprecedented democratic freedoms are granted to the populace.

4366-5126 A.S., 6322-7082 AD
The Fifth Era
    Following the Caeifian Revolution, a more democratic Autocracy emerges. The upper echelons lose much of their former power as the populace is granted greater rights and privileges and the politcal landscape becomes dominated by demagogues and self-seekers.

c.4510 A.S., Epaphus Year c.5400
The Malaki unite with the Terranians.
~ Loss of the Terran province on Epaphus.

c.4550 A.S., Phaethon Year c.2300
Rebellions on Phaethon begin to pose a serious threat to Terran occupation.

4553-4693 A.S., Epaphus Year 5441-5707
[4563-4703 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Reign of the Malaki Judges on Epaphus.

c.4600 A.S.
The moon Ghearim in the Upsilon Andromedae System is colonised by the Cardeans.

4648 A.S.
Birth of the Terran jew, Leonis Dezecel, a man of musical fame destined to become the Epaphian messiah.

c.4670 A.S.
The planet Strathona of the 85 Pegasi system is colonised by the Juturnans.

4678 A.S.
Leonis Dezecel, a former music producer and fugitive from the law for embezzling, departs for Epaphus.

4693 A.S., Epaphus Year 5707 (Year 1 of the Epaphian Messiah)
[4703 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Coming of Chalcus, the Epaphian messiah.

4700 A.S., Year 12 of the Epaphian Messiah
[4710 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Holy Chalcus departs from Epaphus.
~ Doctor Leoje, the greatest of Chalcus’ followers establishes “His Empire”.

c.4710 A.S.
The double planet Fusan & Naraka of the 44 Boötis system are colonised by Asiatic people from Andaman.

4713 A.S.
[4756 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The planet Oenopion of the 58 Eridani system is colonised by the Belusians, Danaeans and Epaphians.

4715 A.S.
Leonis Dezecel returns to Earth with tons of gold with which he is able to bribe away his charges. However, he soon gets shot and killed by a former croney who he screwed out of a lot of money years earlier.

4745 A.S.
[4786 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The planet Leoth of the Lambda Aurigae System is colonised by the Cardeans.

4812-4820 A.S., Tau Ceti Year 4221-4231
[4824-4842 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The reign on Deianara of Nicator, the Master Conqueror.

4829 A.S., Mars Year 2569
The Autocracy Loses Mars
    Agatha Daemon of the Mariner Valleys leads Mars to victory in the revolt against the Terrans (4792-4829) and Mars wins it’s independence.

Agatha Daemon is made King of Mars.

4886 A.S., 404th Venusian Turning
The Autocracy Loses Venus
    Terran Procurator Ciepra Cithera declares herself Autocrat of Venus and severes ties with Terran Autocracy of Earth.

Venus regains her independence for the first time in almost three thousand years.

c.4950 A.S., Year c.400 of the Epaphian Messiah
The Apostates seperate from “His Empire”.

c.4980 A.S.
The planet Rutulia of the 11 Leonis Minoris system is colonised by the Astralisians.

c.5000 A.S.
The Terran Autocracy begins to lose control over the outer space colonies throughout the Solar System.

5004 A.S.
[5044 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The planets Eternia and Etheria of the Zeta Reticuli System are colonised by mystics from Phantos.

5056 A.S., Lavinia Year 1041
[5083 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The planets Lavinia and Astralis, whose orbits bring them within a million miles of eachother once every 1,042 standard years, make their first close pass since settlement began.

5088 A.S., Year 660 of the Epaphian Messiah
[5100 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
On the moon Epaphus: The Final Battle between the Apostates and the Followers of Chalcus.
    Fall of “His Empire”

5126 A.S.
Autocrat Aedem Uenis is murdered in an apparent random act of violence.
Oeddis Teddea, the incompetent Curator of the Assembly, is appointed to be succeed Uenis as the next Autocrat.

5126-5573 A.S., 7082-7529 AD
The Sixth Era
    Following the assassination of Autocrat Aedem Uenis, a series of incompetent autocrats come into power and the Autocracy falls into a slow and irreversible decline. Crime, poverty and intraprovincial wars become commonplace.
Provincial governors become more and more powerful as central government deteriorates.

5188 A.S., Phaethon Year 2621
[5192 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Phaethian rebels take the city of Enduria and the Terran government on Phaethon is forced to move their capital to the mountain fortress of Reevan.

5445-5455 A.S., 474th to 476th Venusian Turnings
The Jingshing War
    The incompetent Autocrat Neifer Pebea sends millions of troops to Venus to assist the Venusian Autocracy against the Jingshing rebels.
    This waste of lives and resources brings further disrespect for the autocrat from his peers and his people.

~ Beginning of the Jingshing Dynasty on Venus.

c.5510 A.S.
The desert planet Horak is colonised by Gypsies from Sireac.

5551-5567 A.S., Phaethon Year 2811-2819
[5555-5571 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Phaethian War of Revolt
    An army of five kingdoms led by the great Haldor the Brave rise up against the remaining Terran province on Phaethon.
~ Following the bitter war with local powers, occupying Terran forces are forced to retreat back to Earth.
A fleet Phaethian warships follows in pursuit.

5564-5573 AS
The Great Southern War

Thalestris Caeger, the young, upstart governor of Amazonea, claims to defect from the Terran Autocracy, precipitating a nine year civil war.

5573 A.S.
A Phaethian war fleet arrives at Earth, attacks the Terran capital of Nova Eburicum and captures the Terran Autocrat, Nedderis Merrenir.
The occupying Phaethians make an alliance with Thalestris Caeger, bringing the civil war to an end and establishing a new “Southern Autocracy” in South America with Thalestris as the first Southern Autocrat seated in his capital of Heramagna (in present-day Brazil near the mouth of the Amazon).

The 1st Interregnum Era
5573-6316 A.S.
(7529-8272 AD)

Slowly growing corrupt over the course of generations, the Autocracy finally collapses after a series of rebellions, civil wars, and finally, the invasion by the Phaethians, it’s former subjects.
Just as it was in ages past, the Earth is once again ruled by dozens of seperate nation-states, each with their own agenda, fighting bloody wars with eachother and hoarding the wealth of the world in the hands of the rich while many regions fall into poverty.

5573-5582 A.S.
The Phaethian occupation of Nova Eburicum.

5582 A.S.
After the withdrawal of the Phaethian war fleet, Neiter Caeir takes up power in Nova Eburicum and rules over North America in the name of the Terran Autocracy. While Thalestris Caeger and his Heramagna minions rule over all of South America, all other former provinces and regions of the Autocracy are now completely independent.
Wars are common and many regions fall into poverty.

5606 A.S.
Upon the death of Northern Autocrat Neiter Caeir, his son Mensear Caeir takes up the office of Autocrat, and for the first time ever the position becomes hereditary.

c.5670 A.S., Sireac Year c.690
    In the Sirean Sector: Founding of the First Sirean Empire

The planet Zarmina, on whome the sun stands still, is colonised by the Sireans.

c.5690 A.S.
The planets Heraion and Asterion of the Eta Leporis System are colonised by the Oenopian Empire.

5797-5804 AS
The Second Great Southern War

Heramagna, under Southern Autocrat Kendor Nefercor, conquers Oenotria, Ostrellia, and Pannesia (Antarctica, Australia, and the Polynesian islands).

c.5850 A.S.
The moon Enuma in the Rho Cancri System is colonised by the Astralisians.

c.5960 A.S.
The farm planet Mannola of the 51 Pegasi system is colonised by farmers from the planet Strathona.

5964 A.S., Phaethon Year 3027
[5968 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
    On the planet Phaethon: The birth of Prince Calreigh the Magnificent, saviour of Phaethon.

5984-5995 AS
The Third Great Southern War

Aecar Kaeitis, the greatest of the Southern Autocrats, together with his son Merribor, conquers all of Africa and south Asia in the name of Heramagna.

6009 A.S., Sireac Year 767
“Amrita”, the Elixer of Life, a milky bio-substance which gives immortality to the children of those who drink it, is discovered in the oceans of Zarmina by two young Deianaran adventurers.
Their secret not revealed, it is lost to the mysts of legend for millenia.

6027 A.S., Phaethon Year 3060
[6031 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Death of Calreigh, Lord and Saviour of Phaethon.

6049 A.S., Tau Ceti Year 5799
Larissa, the Witch of Erimos Island, is born on Deianara.
The first immortal child in the universe, her parents having tasted the Elixer of Immortality.

c.6100 A.S.
The planets Nereus and Niveus of the 10 Tauri system are colonised by the Oenopian Empire.

6165 A.S.
The Treaty of Caepelion
Northern Autocrat Aened Caeir signs a pact with the nations of Europe and northern Asia bringing them all under the wing of the Northern Autocracy.

6249 A.S.
[6260 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The planet Zarmina is struck by a thousand mile wide asteroid and all life there is obliterated.

c.6270 A.S.
    In the Sirean Sector: Fall of the First Sirean Empire

6279 A.S.
Taebis Mentim, general in the Northern army, becomes autocrat of the North upon the death of the childless Merren Caeir.

6301-6316 AS
The Collation War

Einif Iniot, chief lieutenant of Taebis Mentim, leads a war against the forces of Heramagna, eventually defeating them and uniting Earth once again under the power of Nova Eburicum.
~ Beginning of the second Terran Autocracy.

The Second Terran Autocracy
6316-9304 A.S.
(8272-11,260 AD)

After 700 years of global anarchy, the Autocracy is re-established; only this time ruling as a sort of isolationist monarchy, forgetting the principle of individual merit in favor of inheritance.
That is until thirteen hundred years later when the reforms of Eegon Cuedaeir restored the original constitution made by Cyrus Basileus nearly six thousand years earlier.

   The 8th Era
       6316-6933 A.S.   
 617 years
   The 9th Era
       6933-7639 A.S.
 706 years
   The 10th Era
       7639-9304 A.S.
 1,665 years

6316-6933 A.S., 8272-8889 AD
The Eighth Era
    The Iniot-Mentim Dynasty

6353 A.S.
Following the deaths of his father and the great Taebis Mentim, Cereis Iniot becomes Autocrat Iniot II and allies himself with the esteemed Mentim family to continue the hereditary tradition founded by Neiter Caeir seven centuries earlier.

   6933 A.S.
Upon the death of Mentim IX, a triumvirate consisting of Eimis Amenim, Cienear Coenis and Oeccis Cesois usurp the head of state and install Eimis as Autocrat Amenim I, beginning a new political dynasty.

6933-7639 A.S., 8889-9595 AD
The Ninth Era
    The Amenim-Coenis Dynasty

c.7400 A.S.
Man has colonised 100 planets.
    His colonies extending across 150 light-years and his farthest explorations reaching 600 parsecs*.

*Due to the limitation of the speed-of-light, the transmissions from the farthest deep-space probes take thousands of years to reach Earth.
While farthest probes are currently actually close to 900 parsecs distant, the farthest transmissions to reach Earth are only from 600 parsecs away.

7608 A.S.
[7679 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Atar System is colonised. Destined to one day be the home of the heroic Jeshuron people.

7639 AS
Cuedaeir’s Reformation

General Eegon Cuedaeir rests power from Autocrat Coebecea Basilissa putting an end to the rule of hereditary power and re-instating the original Terran constitution.

Beginning of the longest and most stable era in the history of the Terran Autocracy.

7639-9304 A.S., 9595-11,260 AD
The Tenth Era
    The longest, most peaceful, and just era in the history of the Terran Autocracy.

8035-8087 A.S.
The reign of Autocrat Harned Heriot.

8044 A.S., 10,000 AD
Ichob the farm boy arrives on Earth from the planet Mannola.

c.9000 A.S.
With a global population growing to over 250 billion, debate begins brewing in upper circles over what should be done about the problem.

9226 A.S., Lavinia Year 4849
[9253 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Astralis and Lavinia make their historic Fifth Pass.

9304 A.S.
Endid Neiesis, governor of the Pretannia Province (the present-day British Isles) and a staunch Eugenicist, forms an allegiance with nearby provinces and assumes sovereign power for himself.

Global civil war erupts when he begins to cull the population with the state-sponsered execution of millions of his subjects.
By now, it is clear beyond doubt that the unity, peace and stability of the second Terran Autocracy is gone for good.

The 2nd Interregnum Era
9304-10,263 A.S.
(11,260-12,200 AD)

Despite the enlightened reforms of Autocrat Eegon Cuedaeir, the Autocracy buckles under the weight of her own growing population and civil war erupts as different provinces wish to deal with the problem in their own ways. Exacerbating these dire straits, Earth is invaded first by the Martians and then by the Venusians who split the world between them for centuries until the great Terran hero, Verris Viniot, defeats the first of the Martian kingdoms.

9304-9334 AS
The Eugenics War
(The Cull)
    Billions of people are killed in one of the most horrific wars in history. Billions of more people die when a deadly, artificial virus is unleashed upon the Earth.

9334 A.S., Mars Year 4964
The Martian Invasion
and the
Flooding of the Mediterranean

    The Martian Kingdom, under King Harrid Saegar, taking advantage of the chaotic situation on Earth, bombards the Great Dam at the Straits of Gibraltar, which for over nine millenia has held back the risen sea levels of Post-Global Warming Earth from flooding the Mediterranean region. And, with this mighty edifice destroyed the floodgates are opened and, within days, entire regions from Spain to the Caspian Sea are flooded under 220 feet of sea-water.

In the aftermath of this terrible atrocity, the Martian armada swoops in and invades much of Europe, North Africa and the Middle-East and establish a local capital amongst the ruins of the devasted city of Aevaris (in modern-day Turkey).

9344 A.S., 962nd Venusian Turning
The Venusian Invasion
    Unwilling to let Mars take all the spoils, the Jingshing Dynasty of Venus invades much of the Eastern Hemisphere and install their own seat of power on Caedon Island (modern-day Shandong, China).

9344-9399 A.S.
The Martian Aevarians conquer all of South America while the Venusian Caedonians conquer all of Australasia and the Pacific.

9399 A.S.
Oenotria surrenders its territories to the Martians and Venusians, leaving only the Terran provinces in North America unconquered.

9480 A.S., Mars Year 5041
The Aevarians invade the last Terran strongholds in North America and virtually all of Earth is conquered.

9497 A.S., Mars Year 5050
Aevarian ruler Aepebeis Aekenar assumes independent rule apart from Mars following the death of Martian King, Kaen Hieanar. This brazen act foiling the hopes of Kaen’s cruel and incompetent son to rule over Earth. He is Anassoel.

c.9500 A.S.
Man has colonised 200 planets.
    His colonies extending across 170 light-years, his farthest explorations reaching 800 parsecs.

9531 A.S.
Upon the death of Aekenar, the Aevarian possessions on Earth fracture into thirteen seperate kingdoms.

9606 A.S., 995th Venusian Turning
The Caedonians secede from the Jingshing Dynasty of Venus and the Caedonian Territory on Earth becomes independent of Venusian rule.

9652-9666 AS
The Terran Resistance

The rebel Rae Oetibus of Babelonea (the Middle-East) fights a guerrilla war against the Aevarian overlords. At his death the young hero Verris Viniot takes up the leadership of the resistance.

Under his leadership the Terrans win the guerrilla war against the Aevarians and establish an independent Terran state in Babelonea.

9666-10,200 A.S.
The Terran state of Babelonea conquers Europe, India, and Central and Northern Asia while Caedonian territory is reduced to the province of Cathaeis (modern-day China) and the Aevarian kingdoms fight amongst themselves.

9736 A.S., Year 8430 of the Epaphian Messiah
[9756 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The great prophet, Omni Helaman, restores belief in Holy Chalchus and the Faith of the Followers is re-established on Epaphus 7,770 Epaphian years after “His Empire” was defeated by the Apostates.

10,082 A.S., Phaethon Year 5182, Year 9009 of the Epaphian Messiah
[10,086 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Beginning of the Calreighan Crusades
    A centuries long series of religious wars between Calreighans of the planet Phaethon and the Chalcusian Followers of Epaphus.

10,248-10,260 AS
The Last Aevarian War

Babelonean Autocrat Caemis Nebettor forms an alliance with the Caedonians and fights a war of conquest against the remaining Aevarian kingdoms, defeating all the remaining Martian power on Earth.
A soldier as well as a leader, Caemis dies on the battlefield a month before the last Aevarian resistance is defeated.

10,263 A.S.
Babelonean Autocrat Aemis Nebettor, brother of the late Caemis, signs a treaty with the Caedonians welcoming them into the Autocracy and once again the Terran Autocracy becomes the sole power on Earth.

Beginning of the Third Terran Autocracy.

The Third Terran Autocracy
10,263-13,218 A.S.
(12,200-15,200 AD)

After a thousand years of subservience under the Martians and Venusians, Earth is reconquered and is once again united under the wise rule of the Terran Autocracy.
   This would be the era of the Terran Empire, the greatest interstellar empire mankind has ever seen. Lasting 1,800 years, the great empire controlled seven inhabited worlds with outposts in dozens of star systems. With unprecedented proseperity the population climbed until more than a thousand billion souls inhabited the Earth and a dense cityscape sprawled across all her lands.
This age of glory was to come to an end after Muat the Pirate Lord led his legions of interstellar space pirates to invade the Terran Empire, ravaging world after world.

 The 12th Era
  10,263-11,669 A.S.
 1,406 years
 The 13th Era
  11,669-12,303 A.S.
 634 years
 The 14th Era
  12,303-13,218 A.S.
 915 years

10,263-11,669 A.S., 12,219-13,625 AD
The Twelth Era
The Rise of the Terran Empire

10,324 A.S., 1,085th Venusian Turning
Autocrat Mennot I signs a treaty with Gubai, the last Jingshing Emperor of Venus, and the planet becomes a part of the Terran Autocracy.

10,525-10,540 A.S., Mars Year 5597-5605
Autocrat Daemis I reconquers the planet Mars.

10,540-10,660 A.S.
Autocrats Daemis I and his clone, Daemis II, reconquer the entire Solar System and restore the ancient Frontier Defense to protect against outside invasion.

10,652 A.S., Phaethon Year 5481
[10,656 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Following his victory in the Thirteenth Calreighan Crusade, the evil Lord Draugar the Necromancer lords over all of Phaethon with an iron fist.

10,706 A.S.
Autocrat Daemis III, second clone of Daemis I, sends invasion fleets to both the planets Phaethon and Epaphus, led by two other clones, Daemis Cet and Daemis Cin.

10,712 A.S., Phaethon Year 5512
[10,716 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Daemis Cet’s invasion fleet arrives at Phaethon and effortlessly crushes Lord Draugar’s empire, liberating the Phaethian people and bringing that planet under the wing of the Terran Empire.

10,720-10,735 A.S., Years 10,075-10,100 of the Epaphian Messiah
[10,730-10,745 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Daemis Cin’s invasion fleet arrives at Epaphus and fights a long drawn out war, but conquers that world too in the name of the Terran Empire.

10,746 A.S.
Autocrat Daemis IV, the fifth clone of Daemis I, sends an invasion fleet to the Tau Ceti System (led by Daemis Cev, the sixth clone of Daemis I) to conquer the planets Abderus and Deianara, both already crippled by centuries of interplanetary war.

10,761-10,765 A.S., Tau Ceti Year 11,811-11,816
[10,773-10,777 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The planets Abderus and Deianara are conquered in the name of the Terran Empire.

c.11,000 A.S.
The relativistic starship is invented.
Capable of traveling at speeds 99.9999999% the speed of light or faster.

11,077-11,172 A.S.
The reign of Autocrat Mennot IV, better known as Aeden the Atheist.
    Abolishes the Mundian Order and all religion in the Autocracy.

11,172 A.S.
After the death of his father Aeden, Mennar Mennot becomes Autocrat Mennot V.
    Restores the Mundian Order and revives freedom of belief.

11,669-12,303 A.S., 13,625-14,259 AD
The Thirteenth Era
The Height of the Terran Empire

11,781 A.S.
The Colossus is constructed on orders of Autocrat Aemen Messeus I.
    A five mile tall tower in Nova Babelonea to serve as the seat of the Terran government and house of the Autocrat

c.11,999-12,033 A.S.
The life of He-Man, hero of Eternia.

c.12,000 A.S.
The population of Earth hits a peak of over a trillion people.

12,117 A.S.
Autocrat Aemen Messeus II oversees the completion of Sardis, the greatest space colony ever made.

12,303-13,218 A.S., 14,259-15,174 AD
The Fourteenth Era
The Decline of the Terran Empire
    During the final centuries of the Third Autocracy the glory of the Empire was no more and the Autocrats of the Faraeo Dynasty struggled to feed a thousand billion souls. More and more people found themselves turning to religion during these trying times and the Mundian Order, the religious order of the Terran Autocracy since time immemorial, became more and more powerful until finally - after the Fall of Sardis - they assumed complete authority and ushered in the end of the Third Terran Autocracy.

12,303-12,348 AS
The Space Pirate Wars

    An army of space pirates led by the infamous Muat the Pirate Lord ravage the worlds of the Terran Empire.
Terran victory under Autocrat Faraeo III secures the office of autocrat for him and his descendants for the next 900 years but ultimately fails to save the empire which falls into slow decline.

12,311 A.S., Tau Ceti Year 13,789
[12,323 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Terran Empire abandons the Tau Ceti System which has been utterly ravaged by the space pirates.

12,601 A.S.
Autocrat Faraeo IX declares to abandon all possessions of the Terran Empire outside the Solar System.

12,605 A.S., Phaethon Year 6502
[12,609 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Phaethon recieves word of Faraeo IX’s declaration. Legions of Terran troops return to Earth but Terran style government continues to function in the form of the Phaethian Autocracy.

12,611 A.S., Year 13,236 of the Epaphian Messiah
[12,621 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Epaphus recieves word of Faraeo IX’s declaration. In the absence of Terran rule, the religious leaders take over and the Omnian Theocracy is formed.

c.13,000 A.S.
Man has colonised 500 planets.
    His colonies extending across 250 light-years, his farthest explorations reaching 1,200 parsecs.

c.13,100 A.S.
Central government begins to lose control as terrorist anarchist groups, such as Venom Force, rise up and cause mayhem everywhere. The intellectual and religious leaders of the Mundian Order assert their authority to try to the keep the peace.

13,191 A.S., Mars Year 7014
Mars secedes from the Terran Autocracy.

13,218 A.S.
The Fall of Sardis
    Autocrat Faraeo IXX is killed aboard Sardis, a 40-mile long space colony in orbit beyond the Moon, as it is attacked by a large explosion set by Venom Force terrorists.
De-orbited by the force of the explosion, the massive space colony falls toward the Earth and crashes into South Africa, destroying most of that country and shrouding the skies of Earth in a cloud of smoke and ash for several months.

    Global pandemonium erupts in the wake of this terrible atrocity and Caemen Deis, Prime Pontifis of the Mundian Order steps in to assume control and restore order to the Earth.

Fall of the Third Terran Autocracy

The 3rd Interregnum
13,218-16,326 A.S.
(15,200-18,300 AD)

For three thousand years after the Fall of Sardis, the great Terran Autocracy was no more and existed only as a memory.
During these centuries, the Earth was ruled over by a succession of greater and lesser powers. The Mundian Order, Hyperborea, Tolead, and Nubea to name but a few. One becoming more powerful than the next over the long ages. That is until finally, after the Autocracy was lost to the mysts of ancient history, autocratic authority, supreme over all the Earth, was once again restored by the great and noble Caen Cedric.
   The 15th Era
       13,218-13,856 A.S.   
638 years
   The 16th Era
       13,856-14,804 A.S.
 948 years
   The 17th Era
       14,804-15,540 A.S.
 736 years
   The 18th Era
       15,540-15,731 A.S.
 191 years
   The 19th Era
       15,731-16,326 A.S.
 595 years

13,218-13,856 A.S., 15,174-15,812 AD
The Fifteenth Era
    The Mundian Era
All of Earth under the control of the pseudo-theocratic Mundian Order.

   13,220 A.S., 1,447th Venusian Turning
The newly incubent Mundian Order abandons Venus???
~ the Feudal Period begins on Venus.

c.13,230 A.S.
Planetary engineering is abandoned and Earth, which has been temperate and warm across the globe ever since global warming melted the ice caps twelve thousand years earlier, begins slipping into a new ice age as the climate slowly cools.

   13,848-13,856 AS
The Hyperborean War

    Three provinces surrounding the Arctic Ocean break off from the Mundian Order and establish their own independent nation.

Hyperborea, the nation of the north, is founded.

13,856-14,804 A.S., 15,812-16,760 AD
The Sixteenth Era
    With the victory of Hyperborea in north, the Mundian Order’s dominance over the Earth is brought to an end, ushering in a new era where it must share it’s power with other great nation-states.

13,874-14,045 AS
The First Sovereignty Wars

    Over the course of two centuries, several provinces of the Mundian Order revolt against their theocratic overlords, bringing an end to their dominance of the Earth.

  13,874 A.S.
Amazonea (South America) and Babelonea (the Middle-East) become the first provinces since Hyperborea to win their independence from the Mundian Order.

  13,913 A.S.
Amazonea invades the Mundian province of Oenotria (Antarctica).

Founding of the Amazonean Empire

  13,964 A.S.
India wins it’s sovereignty.
    Led by the wise guru, Bapue Maea, India throws off the shackles of the Mundian Order.

  13,999 A.S.
Cathaeis (China) wins it’s sovereignty.

  14,045 A.S.
Ostrellia (Australia) wins it’s sovereignty.
    The last province to win it’s independence for the next 700 years; the Mundian Order now controlling only Europe, Africa and half of North America.

14,769-14,804 AS
The Second Sovereignty Wars

    Rebellions rise up against the theocratic dominance of the Mundian Order and throughout the Mundian Territories they are met with bloody retaliation.
    A coalition of independent nations, led by Amazonea, come to the aid of the religious rebels and in one of the bloodiest wars of the Third Interregnum Period. They succeed in bringing down the power of the Mundians, but it is a pyrrhic victory for Amazonea whose power is all but completely diminished in the effort.

Fall of the Mundian Order and the Amazonean Empire
    Africa, Europe, and South America, former territories of the Mundian Order and the Amazonean Empire, are broken up into independent nations while the remainder of North America comes under the power of the northern nation of Hyperborea.

14,804-15,540 A.S., 16,760-17,496 AD
The Seventeenth Era
The Hyperborean Era
    With the power of the Mundian Order broken and defeated, the Earth is now controlled by a smattering of independent nation-states with Hyperborea dominating as the sole superpower.

14,985 A.S.
The Terran Baseball Championship is held in Fort Petrolea, Hyperborea (modern-day Fort McMurray, Canada).

15,121-15,128 A.S.
The First Hyperborean Civil War

15,492-15,498 A.S.
The Second Hyperborean Civil War
    At the conclusion of the war, Hyperborea is broken up into a few seperate nation-states surrounding the Arctic Ocean.

Fall of the Northern Nation of Hyperborea

15,515-15,540 AS
The Tolean War

    Tacoe Tufnec, commanding from the city of Tolead (Toledo, Spain), leads a war of conquest across Europe and Africa, filling in the power vacuum left by the fall of Hyperborea.

Founding of the Tolean Empire.

15,540-15,731 A.S., 17,496-17,687 AD
The Eighteenth Era
The Tolean Era
    The Tolean Empire dominates as the major power on the Earth.

15,725-15,731 AS
The Nubean Revolution

    The African revolutionary, Sais Kastir, rises up against the Tolean tyrant, Buretoe Baesoroe. Destroys the city of Tolead and assumes the title of Autocrat, reigning from his capital city of Nebbeda.

Founding of the Nubean Autocracy

15,731-16,326 A.S., 17,687-18,282 AD
The Ninteenth Era
The Nubean Era
    The Nubean Autocrats, ruling from their city of Nebbeda, West Africa, reign supreme over nearly the entire planet.

15,775-15,808 AS
The Nubean Invasion of the World

    The black Nubean Autocrat, Maettar Paea, attempts to conquer all of Earth and, in the end, is resisted only by the remnant nations of Hyperborea: Hyperborea Proper (modern-day Canada), Maeirca (modern-day United States), Cordillera (the Rocky Mountains and western sea-board) and Tacsaeis (surrounding the Gulf of Mexico).

15,818-15,826 A.S., Tau Ceti Years 18,264-18,274
[15,830-15,838 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The reign on Deianara of Coris Ajax, the new Master Conqueror.

c.16,000 A.S.
Man has colonised 1,000 planets.
    His colonies extending across 300 light-years, his farthest explorations reaching 1,600 parsecs.

16,100 A.S., Sireac Year 3013
The birth on Sireac of the immortal Galannar, destined to be king of kings.

16,275 A.S.
Nubean Autocrat Taebarsir sends legions of Terran troops on a twenty-three year flight to the planet Andalus to fight against the colonial ambitions of Sireac’s Akturan Empire.

16,294-16,321 AS
Cedric’s Rebellion

    Frustrated by the millions of young Terrans being sent off to the war on Andalus, the Hyperborean, Caen Cedric, leads a twenty-seven year uprising against the Nubean Empire.

16,298-16,341 A.S., Andalus Years 12,602-12,641
[12,318-12,360 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Andalusian War
    Fought by Nubean Autocrats Taebarsir and Tantaminis on the planet Andalus.

16,321 A.S.
After twenty-seven long years of rebellion, Caen Cedric personally slays the Nubean tyrant Tantaminis in his palace in Nebbeda, once and for all defeating the power of the Nubean Empire.

16,326 A.S.
Autocrat Cedric I signs a treaty with the remnant nations of Hyperborea, consolidating the territories of the defeated Nubean Empire.
The ancient Collosus, the five mile tall tower constructed by the Twelth Era Autocrat Aemen Messeus over five millenia earlier, is restored and a new global capital is established in the city of Nova Babelonea.
Once again, after three thousand years, the entire planet is united under the one banner of the Terran Autocracy

The Fourth Terran Autocracy
16,326-17,138 A.S.
(18,300-19,094 AD)

For three thousand years the world has lived in darkness without the guiding light of the Autocracy until the great Caen Cedric arose and defeated the ruling power of the day, uniting Earth once again under the leading hand of the Autocrat.

16,326-17,138 A.S., 18,282-19,094 AD
The Twentieth Era

16,347 A.S., 1,838th Venusian Turning
Beginning of the Shindigou Dynasty on Venus.

16,364 A.S.
The troops who fought on Andalus finally return home.

16,538 A.S., Mars Year 8794, 1,862nd Venusian Turning
Autocrat Noecis I signs a treaty with Venus and Mars, establishing the Solar Federation.

16,912 A.S., Sireac Year 3194
[16,929 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Galannar, who spent his first 800 years of life gathering power and prestige, creates a mighty army of his followers and conquers all of Sireac. Restoring the ancient Golden Kingdom, he rules from his capital at the city of Agribol as the Almighty King.
~ Founding of the New Golden Kingdom of Sireac.

17,098 A.S., Mars Year 9092
King Caemis Polakiar of Mars makes an underhanded alliance with Galannar, the Almighty King of Sireac.

17,121 A.S., Sireac Year 3241
[17,137 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
Galannar, the Almighty King of Sireac, sends a fleet of warships to invade Earth.

17,137 A.S.
Daeis 340: A fleet of Sirean warships is detected approaching Earth, calculated to enter the Solar System around the month of Taurus.

17,138 AS
The Sirean Invasion of Earth

Daeis 121: Autocrat Cedric III holds a feast on the top floor of the Colossus to celebrate his impending victory over the approaching Sirean warfleet. That same night the Sireans invade Earth, bombarding the planet with kinetic missiles from the outer Solar System. Cedric is taken alive and imprisoned on Sireac.
The Sirean prince, Samtehk I, is placed in power as the new, so-called autocrat.

The Sirean Era
17,138-17,520 A.S.
(19,093-19,476 AD)

The Attack of 17,138 in so many ways brought an end to the glory of the Autocracy, killing billions in one night and ushering in an era of rule by the Sirean Princes, who rule the Earth with ruthless hands.

17,138-17,216 A.S.
The reign of Sirean Prince Samtehk I.

17,216-17,303 A.S.
The reign of Sirean Prince Baldash.

17,303-17,376 A.S.
The reign of Sirean Prince Mishaar.

17,376-17,455 A.S.
The reign of Sirean Prince Azzaar.

17,455-17,520 A.S.
The reign of Sirean Prince Samtehk II.

17,520 A.S.
Aemen Ardaeis, a descendant of the autocrats of the Twentieth Era, successfully usurps power from Sirean Prince Samtehk II, restoring the office of autocrat to it’s rightful place in the hands of an Earth man.

The Final Terran Autocracy
17,520-18,401 A.S.
(19,476-20,357 AD)

After four hundred years of Sirean rule, Aemen Ardaeis drives the foreigners out and the Autocracy rules the Earth for another nine hundred years, but only as a shadow of it’s former self. This however lasts for only so long before Earth is defeated once again by the Sireans.
   The 22nd Era
       17,520-17,620 A.S.   
 100 years
   The 23rd Era
       17,620-18,041 A.S.
 421 years
   The Last Era
       18,041-18,401 A.S.
 360 years

17,520-17,620 A.S., 19,476-19,576 AD
The Twenty-second Era
The reign of Autocrat Aemen Ardaeis, the Noble Usurper.

17,620 A.S.
After a long reign, the aging Aemen Ardaeis is defeated and usurped in a civil war led by the Maeircan theologian Neifer Eitis.
Having usurped the title of Autocrat, Neifer rules alongside the Prime Pontifis of the Mundian Order in the holy city of Deimendeis.

17,620-18,041 A.S., 19,576-19,997 AD
The Twenty-third Era
The New Mundian Era

c.17,850 A.S.
Autocrat Aeccoris Aesor, resists Sirean invasion with aid from Deianara.

18,041 A.S.
After resting power from Neifir Eitis II, Autocrat Necrebis I removes the capital back to Nova Eburicum for the first time in nine thousand years, ushering in the final era of native Terran rule on Earth.

18,041-18,401 A.S., 19,997-20,357 AD
The Last Era
of the Terran Autocracy

18,129 A.S., Tau Ceti Year 21,212
[18,141 A.S. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Tau Ceti Holocaust.
After a long, drawn-out war, Deianara and Abderus bombard eachother’s planets with nuclear warheads and civilisation on both worlds is destroyed.

18,401 A.S., 20,357 AD
The Fall of the Terran Autocracy
The final Terran Autocrat, Necrebis III, bravely makes his last stand against the invading forces of Enmenleus, the immortal son of Galannar, the Almighty King of Sireac.

Necrebis defeated and slain, Enmenleus is placed in power as the Sirean Prince of Earth.


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