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The Post-Apocalypse
and the
Rebirth of Civilisation

2121 to 3797 AD
(165 to 1841 AS)

Years listed in italics are those of the calendar era “Anno Scienta”, which count from the launching of the first satellite in 1957 AD (1 AS).

2114-2121 AD
The Apocalypse

............2118 AD
Judgement Day (the Nuclear Holocaust)

............2121 AD
The Battle of Armageddon.

The Post-Apocalypse
2121-c.2800 AD

In the wake of the Nuclear Holocaust and the Battle of Armageddon which culminated seven bloody years of tribulation, global trade and communication are virtually eliminated and the great nations of the world are reduced to mere embers of their former selves. Jealously guarded city-states and nuclear vaults desperately hold on to what remains of the old world, while outside the land is controlled by gangs and warlords. Everywhere there is starvation, violence, disease and death.

2122 AD, (1st Year of the Apocalypse)
Hasan al-Harj succeeds Mohammed al-Mahdi and becomes the first caliph of the Golden Caliphate.
Raising his sword under the banner of the Mahdi, he and his “Mahdian” followers set out to conquer the Moslem world.

2131 AD, (10th Year of the Apocalypse)
Hasan al-Harj is slaughtered in Damascus. Beginning of the “Malahim” (the great battles).

2136 AD, Phaethon Year 1
Launched before the Apocalypse, in 2096, the Helios, Mankind’s first interstellar vessel, arrives at Alpha Centauri and builds a colony on Phaethon, the second planet in the system.
~ Nuclear Holocaust having occured on Earth, the colonists are stranded without any hope of further settlement or supplies and eventually descend into barbarism.

One year on Phaethon is equal to about 1.91 Earth years.

Go to: The History of Phaethon

c.2140 AD, (c.20th Year of the Apocalypse)
Iraq, Iran and Arabia are united under the banner of the Golden Caliphate.

c.2200 AD, (c.80th Year of the Apocalypse)
The entire Islamic world is united under the Golden Caliphate.

2212 AD, (93 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
Joheilyn (pronounced yo’high’lin), Heavy Metal guitar player and prophet, writes the Book of Lyrics preserving in it Classic Rock songs from the 20th Century.
~ Later, on his death bed, he prophesisies the coming of the “Seventh Son of the Seventh Son”, the One Who Will Unite the Earth.

2229 AD, (110 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
King Alex the Great unites the rival warlords of what was once Alberta, Canada and founds the Kingdom of Alaberta, destined for greatness.

2239 AD, (120 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
An allegiance of the southern kingdoms of the Deep South led by Jedidiah Dreiyfus, King of the Ozarks, fights against the power of Washington.
~ Hector Ferguson, descendant of Fort McMurray oilsands worker Todd Ferguson, travels south to aid in the war alongside the Ozark King against the Yankees.

2239-2248 AD, (120-129 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
The Dark Age War

2240-2243 AD, (119th to 122nd Year of the Apocalypse)
Daggala, thirtieth caliph of the Golden Caliphate, defeats Europe in his war of conquest.

2240 AD, (119th Year of the Apocalypse)
A mysterious white rider defends the Holy Land from the vile Daggala.

2248 AD, (129 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
The Southern Kingdoms win the war against Washington. The Empires of Tennissippi and Texarkana are founded.

c.2300 AD, (c.200 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
The Feudal Industrial Age begins.

2325 AD, (206 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
The Mundian Order is Founded when the leaders of enclaves and nuclear vaults across North America gather for a council at the Leibowitz Vault in the mountains of eastern Utah.
Their mission: to preserve and perpetuate as much human knowledge as they can compile for the hope of future generations.

2376 AD, (257 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
Road warriors sack the city of Washington, capital moved to the island fortress of New Manhattan.

2441 AD, (320th Year of the Apocalypse)
King Arthur II of Britain is born as Geoffrey Arthur.

2456-2498 AD, (335th to 377th Year of the Apocalypse)
The Reign of Arthur II of Britain
Conquers Ireland, Iceland and Scandinavia forging the Britannian Empire. Further conquest wins for him Faransa and Almaniya (Mahdian France and Germany) from the Golden Caliphate.

2462 AD, (341st Year of the Apocalypse)
The legendary African leader, Mudishu Mimbabu, founds the great nation of Nubea on the west coast of Africa.

2485 AD, (366 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
George Norton becomes the last president of the United States, whose territory has by then been reduced to a mere parcel of land on the island of New Manhatten.

2498 AD, (379 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
 The End of the United States of America.
Road warriors invade New Manhattan and depose George Norton, the last American president.

c.2500 AD
After centuries of global warming, the polar ice-caps have nearly completely melted and the sea level has risen by 220 feet. Antarctica is free for colonisation for the first time in history and the Arctic Ocean has become a new Mediterranean, thriving with trade and shipping. Everywhere, the map of the world has changed.

Note: the Mediterranean Sea remains unchanged due to the Gibraltar Dam - the massive engineering feat completed in the late 21st Century.

2506 AD, (387 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
The Californian Veho Vasallus rediscovers Antarctica.

2525 AD, (404th Year of the Apocalypse)
The Golden Caliphate reconquers Faransa and Almaniya from the Brittanians.

2533 AD, (414 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
The city of Vasalla, a colony of California, is established in Palmerland, Antarctica.
~ New Zealandia stakes a claim in the Transantarctic Mountains.

2551 AD, (432 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
King Ralph II of Alaberta greatly expands his country conquering the lands of the north-west all the way to the Arctic Ocean.

2673 AD, (554 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
The Antarctican War.
Britannia conquers the southern tip of South America and lays claim to half of California’s possessions in Antarctica.

2685 AD, (566 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
The Kingdom of Laurentia is created in the present day Northwest Territories, Canada after it’s split from the Greater Kingdom of Alaberta following the death of King Alex II and a dispute between his sons, Prince Laurence and Prince Edigar.

2759 AD, (640 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
Ichabod Fergus, male-line descendant of Hector Ferguson, is born in Palmerland, Antarctica.

2765 AD, (646 Years Since the Bombs Dropped)
The Antarctican Sect of the Mundian Order begin their Universal Reforms.
everything from language, the alphabet and the calendar are created anew.

2771 AD, (650th Year of the Apocalypse)
The Golden Caliphate attempts to invade Brittania. The allied nations of the North come to her aid and the Fifth World War is begun.

2771-2781 AD, (650th to 660th Year of the Apocalypse)
World War V

2777 AD, 821 AS
The Mundian Order in Britannian Antarctica create the calendar era “Anno Scienta”, which counts the years from the flying of the first sattelite in 1957 A.D., the current year being 821 A.S. in the new system.

c.2780 AD, c.820 AS
The hippies make a comeback...

2781 AD, 825 AS
Victorious in the war, the allies create the European Republic as most of Europe is won back from the Mahdians. The Golden Caliphate is itself divided into four lesser Mahdian kingdoms.

Colonies in Antarctica declare their independance from Britannia and the great Oenotrian Republic is founded.

2788-2802 AD, 832-846 AS
Ichabod Fergus serves as the second president of Oenotria.

2799 AD, 843 AS
Cyrus Fergus, the seventh son of Ichabod Fergus, is born.

The Rebirth of Civilisation
c.2800-3000 AD
c.850-1050 AS

700 years after the Old Civilisation was destroyed in the fires of Nuclear Holocaust, a New Civilisation begins to rise from the ashes of the Post-Apocalypse. However, there being very little fossil fuels left to use for cheap energy, this new civilisation must rely on wind and solar power, and society and technology progresses this time at a slower rate than it had in the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Beginning in 2800 with the technological climate of the world comparable to that of the late 19th Century, technology only progresses to 1950 levels by the year 3000...

See: A Timeline Comparison of Modern Technological Levels and Those of the Late 3rd / Early 4th Millenium A.D.

2826 AD, 870 AS
Ichabod Cyrus, the firstborn son of Cyrus Fergus, is born. He is given a new last name to disconnect ties with the old world as per Oenotrian tradition.
Ancestor of the great Themilis Cyrus.

2861-2882 AD, 905-926 AS
Led by the nefarious emperor Nathan Simmons, the Empire of Tennissippi conquers the entire American eastern sea-board all the way up to Hudson’s Bay.

2899 AD, 943 AS
The notorious Afrikaaner leader, Terry Witland, founds the nation of Azaria in southern Africa.

2945 AD, 989 AS
The Atlantan Confederacy is formed in south-eastern North America with the union of the Empires of Tennissippi and Texarkana.
~ Hiram Duke is made the first Grand Emperor of the Confederacy.

2997 AD, 1041 AS
The Boriterranean Federation is created with the union of the Kingdoms of Laurentia and Calilitia (Greenland) and the Cobalaska Republic.
Governed from the city of Borealis (near present day Tuktoyaktuk).

2999 AD
World-wide concern over the Y3K bug.

3008 AD, 1052 AS
The Boriterranean Federation and her allies declare war on the nations of the Eastern Alliance setting off the Sixth World War.

3008-3021 AD, 1052-1065 AS
World War VI

3011 AD, 1055 AS
Practical nuclear fusion is achieved in the Atlantan Confederacy.
The technology is sold to the Boriterranean Federation who use it to assist in their victory against the Eastern Alliance.

3012 AD, 1056 AS
The nations of North and South China are reunited.
The Chinese Hegemony is founded.

3021 AD, 1065 AS
Following the decisive victory of the western allies, Boriterranea gains control of all the nations circling the Arctic Ocean. Meanwhile, the Europan Republic gains control of Turkey, North Africa and the rest of Europe leaving the rump state of the Golden Caliphate in the Middle-East as the sole Mahdian country left on Earth.

The Solar Diaspora
c.3021-3250 AD
c.1065-1300 AS

Some 200 years after a new civilisation began to slowly rise from the ashes of the old using only the paltry powers of wind and solar for energy, Nuclear Fusion is finally achieved and Mankind harnesses a power much greater than the coal and oil used by the Old Civilisation.

Soon after this incredible discovery, society and technology accelerate rapidly. Rockets are built, sending Man to Outer Space for the first time in a millenium, and this time he moves on to explore and colonise the Solar System - and eventually - worlds beyond...

3021-3066 AD 1065-1110 AS
 The Rise of the South
The Atlantan Confederacy annexes most of South America, then proceeds to conquer Europe and Africa.

3032 AD, 1076 AS
The Olympic Games are revived after 920 years of cancellations due to the ongoing Post-Apocalypse.

3037 AD, 1081 AS
The Atlantan Confederacy returns Man to outer space for the first time in 900 years.

3051 AD, 1095 AS
Man returns to the Moon.

3059 AD, 1103 AS
Britannia joins the Boriterranean Federation.

3082 AD, 1126 AS, Mars Year‡ 600
Man returns to Mars.

Mars Year 1 began in 1955 A.D., an arbitrary date set by ancient astronomers of the time.
One year on Mars is equal about 1.88 Earth years.

Go to: The History of Mars

3104-3158 AD 1148-1202 AS
 The Neo-Atlantropa Project
    The Atlantan Confederacy dams the Straits of Gibralter and lowers the Mediterranean Sea back to its pre-global warming levels, liberating ancient archaeological sites from the sea and reclaiming vast tracts of land for settlement.
Meanwhile, many Mahdian cities on the coast are left high and dry.
    They also flood vast basins in Africa producing fresh water lakes the size of seas with which they irrigate the Saraha.

3117 AD, 1161 AS, Mars Year 618
Atlanta sends 100 men and woman aboard the colonial ship Arma Ares to Mars. Colonisation and terraformation resumes on Mars using more advanced technology.

3120 AD, 1164 AS
The Chinese Hegemony lands the first man on the planet Venus.

3172 AD, 1216 AS
The Chinese Hegemony sends a fleet of cargo ships, tens of thousands strong, to mobilize between Venus and Saturn to begin the hydronation of her atmosphere, the first step in the terraforming operation and a process which will take centuries.

3180 AD, 1224 AS
The Three Good Starships, the Argus Panoptes, the Thexon, and the Telechis, are launched towards the star Epsilon Eridani.

3184 AD, 1228 AS, Mars Year 654
The first Martian uprising. Disillusioned colonists rise up against corrupt Terran megacorps.

3196 AD, 1240 AS
Another starship, the Cygnus, flies off to the planet Phaethon of the Alpha Centauri System.

3205 AD, 1249 AS
The starship Dexamenus is sent to the Tau Ceti System.

Go to: The History of the Tau Ceti System

3211 AD, 1255 AS, Phaethon Year 563
[3215 A.D. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Cygnus arrives at Phaethon and greets a race of barbaric nomads descended from those left behind from the last voyage a thousand years earlier.

3225 AD, 1269 AS
[3235 A.D. from Earth’s Perspective]
The automated Thexon and the Telechis arrive in the Epsilon Eridani System and begin to set up colonies on Epaphus, the third moon of the second planet, and prepare the way for the manned colonial vessel Argus Panoptes.

3235 AD, 1279 AS, Epaphus Year 1
[3245 A.D. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Argus Panoptes arrives at Epaphus bringing the first human colonists to that world.

one year on Epaphus is equal to about 0.598 Earth years.

Go to: The History of Epaphus

3237 AD, 1281 AS
Hostilities arise between Boriterranea and the Atlantan Confederacy sparking off thirty-four years of war.

3237-3247 AD, 1281-1291 AS
The First Confederacy War

3245 AD, 1289 AS
Jack Fisher, the 16 year old boy who was put under suspended animation in the year 2032 A.D., finally awakens in a brave new world, twelve centuries after he was put to sleep.

3247 AD, 1291 AS
Jack Fisher, now named Daencin Piscer by the people of this century, embarks on his first mission to the stars.
Is destined to one day be the mentor of the Phaethian space trucker, James Starkey.

3238 AD, 1282 AS, Mars Year 683
 The Martian Revolution.
Mars wins it’s independence from Earth and the pseudo-communist Mars Global Union is founded.

3240 AD, 1284 AS
The Holy Kingdom of Israel is conquered by the Atlantan Confederacy.

c.3250 AD, c.1300 AS, Mars Year c.700
Mars is completely terraformed.

3252 AD, 1296 AS
[3264 A.D. from Earth’s Perspective]
The starship Dexamenus arrives at the Tau Ceti System and bases are established on the system’s third planet, dubbed “Deianara”.

3261-3271 AD, 1305-1315 AS
 The Second Confederacy War
The Atlantan Confederacy is utterly defeated, it’s entire territory divided between Boriterranea and Oenotria.

c.3280 AD, c.1320 AS
Law and order are finally brought to Australia centuries after the rest of the world came out of the Post-Apocalypse.

c.3300 AD, c.1350 AS, Epaphus Year c.100
Epaphus is completely terraformed.

The Technocracy Era
c.3300-3468 AD
c.1350-1512 AS

An age characterized by escalating, unregulated technological growth. What with virtual reality, computer brain implants and a completely automated workforce, society becomes more and more decadent until there are few left who care about what is real and important. Powerful megacorps rise to dominate the world and cities world-wide are domed over protecting even those not plugged-in from the elements of the natural world.

c.3300 AD, c.1350 AS
Oxygen plants are set up on the planet Deianara in order to transform it’s atmosphere into one breathable by humans.

3315 AD, 1359 AS
The great scientist Riker Mirabilis discovers the principles of gravitomagnetism.

c.3375 AD, c.1420 AS
Longevity treatments are introduced allowing people to live to 150 or older.

See: A Timeline Comparison Illustrating the Aging Rates of a Longevity Treatment Patient

3380’s-3390’s AD, 1430’s-1440’s AS
George Zafron and his robot sidekick, Bailey-89, do their police thing in the domed city of Bigsonia, Hawai’i.

3395 AD, 1439 AS
The evil megacorp Sairakeis™ takes over Japan, orders that all people in its dominion and all newborn children should have computer implants installed in their brain.

c.3400 AD, c.1400 AS
Earth’s population reaches a high of 14 billion.

3405 AD, 1449 AS, Epaphus Year 284
[3415 A.D. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Epistemian Republic is founded on Epaphus.

3420 AD, 1464 AS
Mentoris Basileus, adoptive father of Cyrus Basileus, is born. Lives to be 365 years old, a rare anomaly of the longevity treatments.

3421 AD, 1465 AS
Sairakeis™ enters an alliance with the Golden Caliphate (on the condition that it’s Mahdian citizens do not require to have computer brain implants installed).

3430 AD, 1474 AS, Epaphus Year 326
[3441 A.D. from Earth’s Perspective]
Epaphus sends an invasive colonial fleet to the Tau Ceti System.

3433 AD, 1477 AS
Maitreya, reviver of enlightenment, is born in Nepal.

3441 AD, 1485 AS
Radio signals reach Earth informing that Epaphus has sent an invasive fleet to the Tau Ceti System.
The nations of Boriterranea and Oenotria prepare battle fleets of their own to send to the Tau Ceti System to intercept the Epaphian fleet and try to defend their claim on Deianara.

3451 AD, 1495 AS
Sairakeis™ invades the Chinese Hegemony and India. Forces the conquered people to have computer brain implants installed.

3457 AD, 1501-1502 AS
The free nation of Ostrellea is invaded by Sairakeis™.

3461 AD, 1505 AS, Tau Ceti Year1
[3483 A.D. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Epaphian invasion fleet reaches Deianara, the third planet in the Tau Ceti System.
Immediately, they quickly and easily take over all the Terran outposts on the icy planet. Almost without bloodshed.

one “Tau Ceti Year”, or one year on Deianara, is equal to about 0.78 Earth years.

3464 AD, 1512 AS
Sairakeis™ attempts to invade East Oenotria. Global war is sparked as Boriterranea comes to the aid of Oenotria, helping to resist this common threat. Both nations are at a great disadvantage due to the bulk of their militaries being off fighting the Epaphians in the Tau Ceti System.
~ The war spreads throughout the inhabited universe as cyborgs and pro-cyborgs everywhere come into conflict with anti-cyborg forces. Chaos erupts on Mars and the Global Union collapses.

3464-3468 AD, 1508-1512 AS
The Great Machine War (World War VII).

3468 AD, 1512 AS
Surj Electro, the cyborg refugee from Ostrellea, leads the allied powers to victory.
The Treaty of Neamilanis is signed and the Boriterranean and Oenotrian Empires are set up to rule Earth, each with identical systems of government presided over by an emperor and a senate. The Mundian Order is elected to regulate science, philosophy and religion in both empires.

The Great Maitreya attains enlightenment.

The Twin Empires Era
3468-3777 AD
1512-1821 AS

In the wake of the Great Machine War the leaders of Man’s domain gather together in a city in southern Europe and sign the Treaty of Neamilanis, under which technologies deemed hazardous to the survival of the human race (artificial intelligence, computer brain plants, human genetic engineering, etc.) are either banned or intensely regulated.
The megacorps are abolished and a new political and economic system is set up dividing Earth between the Empires of Boriterranea and Oenotria.

3468-3480 AD, 1512-1525 AS
 The Great Cyborg Expulsion
Billions of Asian cyborgs are exiled from Earth following their defeat in the Great Machine War.

3469 AD, 1513 AS, Mars Year 805
The Martian Empire is established in the spirit of the new empires on Earth but soon disintegrates into a number of petty kingdoms.

3475 AD, 1519 AS, Phaethon Year 701
[3479 A.D. from Earth’s Perspective]
The Toliman Empire is established on Phaethon as a concession of the Treaty of Neamilanis.

3481-3493 AD, 1525-1537 AS, Tau Ceti Years 27-42
[3493-3505 A.D. from Earth’s Perspective]
 The Deianaran Colonial War
The Boriterranean and Oenotrian battle fleets reach Deianara after nearly 40 years in space, and mobilize against the Epaphians stationed there, igniting Mankind’s first interstellar war.

3513 AD, 1557 AS
Maitreya dies.

3529 AD, 1548-1550 AS
[3541 A.D. from Earth’s Perspective]
After 85 years away, the Boriterranean and Oenotrian battle fleets begin to return to Earth after their failed war with the Epaphians over the planet Deianara.

3549-3556 AD, 1593-1600 AS, Mars Years 848-852
The Disintegration War occurs on Mars.

3613 AD, 1657 AS, 1st Venusian Turning
 The Hiroma Rebellion
The revolutionary Ichi Hiroma incites his people to rebel against Earth and claims the half-terraformed Venus for the exiled Asian cyborgs.
~ Beginning of the Saibogu Dynasty on Venus.

One “Turning” is a unit of time equal to about 8 Earth years.
It is also equal to 25 days on Venus (called “Nians”) which are themselves 116.78 Earth days long.

Go to: The History of Venus

c.3650 AD, c.1700 AS, Tau Ceti Year c.200
Terraformation is complete on the planet Deianara.

3667 AD, 1711 AS
Mabus Napthora is born.

3696 AD, 1740 AS
Palteris Cyrus, seventh son of Erron Cyrus and father of Cyrus Basileus, is born. Is prophesied by the Oracle of Omefelis to be the father of “The One Who Will Unite the Earth”.

3743? AD, 1787 AS
Mabus Napthora is crowned Emperor of Boriterranea.

3755 AD, 1800 AS
December 23: Cyrus Basileus, seventh son of Palteris, is born in Edmontonea by the name of Themilis Cyrus.
He is the long-awaited “Seventh Son of the Seventh Son” of prophecy. His family murdered by order of Napthora, he is given to the 335 year old Mentoris Basileus to be raised.

3766-3770 AD, 1810-1814 AS, 20th Venusian Turning
Napthora wages the Second Venusian War.

3770 AD, 1814 AS
Inflamed largely over the events of the Venusian War, old tensions come to a head and the empires of Boriterranea and Oenotria declare war on one another.

3770-3797 AD, 1814-1841 AS
The Foundation Wars

3777 AD, 1821 AS
The Second Nuclear Holocaust occurs
In the aftermath, Mabus launches a surprise attack on Oenotria and has Oediccer Hamlet, the Emperor of Oenotria, executed. Mabus Napthora is crowned Emperor of Oenotria making him the emperor of the entire planet Earth. He rules the world from his fortress in the city of Borealis for another twenty years despite a continuing resistance against his tyrannical rule.

3785 AD, 1829 AS
Cyrus Basileus becomes leader of the resistance.

3797 AD, 1841 AS
February 18: Cyrus Basileus kills Mabus Napthora in his fortress in Borealis ending the war.

March to November: The remaining factions of the Earth assemble together in the city of Nova Eburicum (near present day New York) to discuss the organization of post-war Earth.

November 27: The Terran Federation is Founded
Cyrus Basileus is made first Imperator of the Federation.


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