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The Modern Era:
From Columbus to the Apocalypse

1492 to 2121 AD

1492 AD
Christopher Colombus Discovers America

1498 AD
Vasco da Gama discovers a sea route from Europe to India. European trading posts are soon set up in Bombay and other Indian cities.

c.1500 AD
Personal firearms become widespread in Europe.

1501 AD
A new Persian Empire is founded by the Safavids.

1517 AD
 The Protestant Reformation.
Martin Luther nails his “Ninety-Five Theses” to the door of Castle Church in Wittenburg and many Christians begin seperating from the Roman Catholic Church.

1519-1521 AD
Spanish conquistadors under Hernán Cortés conquer the Aztec Empire in Mexico.

1519-1522 AD
Ferdinand Magellan with his motley crew become the first to circumnavigate the Earth.

c.1520 AD
The height of the Ottoman Empire.

1526 AD
The Moghul Empire is founded in India.
    Together with the empires of the Ottomans and the Safavids, these three make the “gunpowder empires” of the Middle-East.

1533 AD
The Inca Empire is conquered by Spanish conquistadors led by Francisco Pizarro.

1538 AD
The Anglican Church of England seperates from the Roman Catholic Church.

1547-1584 AD
The Reign of Ivan the Terrible; The most terrible Tsar of all.


1556-1605 AD
The Reign of Moghul Emperor Akbar the Great.

1564-1642 AD
The Life of Galileo; Godfather of astronomy.

1588 AD
 The Battle of Gravelines
The English narrowly defeat the Spanish Armada and save their country from invasion.

1602 AD
The Dutch East India Company is founded.
1607 AD
Jamestown is established in Virginia.

1608 AD
The telescope is invented in the Netherlands.

1618-1648 AD
The Thirty Years’ War

1620 AD
The Mayflower delivers the Pilgrims to Plymouth Harbour.


1621 AD
The Pilgrims celebrate the First Thanksgiving with some indians.

1641-1651 AD
 The English Civil War
The crown is abolished with the execution of King Charles I in 1649. Oliver Cromwell rules as Lord Protectorate from 1653 until his death in 1658.


1643-1727 AD
The Life of Sir Isaac Newton; Great physicist and discoverer of gravity.

1644 AD
The Ching Dynasty is founded in China. Last of the imperial dynasties.

1660 AD
The English crown is restored as Charles II is declared king.

1674 AD
The Maratha Empire is founded in India, the last of the Hindu empires.

1688 AD
The Glorious Revolution occurs in England.

1688-1697 AD
The Nine Years’ War

1701-1714 AD
The War of Spanish Succession

1721 AD
Tsar Peter the Great proclaims the Russian Empire.

1732 AD
George Washington, the Father of America, is born in Virginia.

1756-1763 AD
The Seven Years’ War

1756-1791 AD
The Life of Mozart; Classical composer.

1765-1785 AD
Rip van Winkle sleeps for twenty years.

1769 AD
Napoleon Bonaparte is born.

1770 AD
Captain James Cook of Great Britain discovers Australia, mate.

1770-1827 AD
The Life of Beethoven; Greatest of the classical composers.

1775-1783 AD
The American Revolutionary War

1776 AD
The Declaration of Independance
is signed in America.

c.1780 AD
The steam engine is invented by James Watt.

c.1780-1910 AD
The Industrial Revolution

1783 AD
The British Empire recognizes the sovereignty of the United States of America.

1789 AD
George Washington is elected first president of the United States of America.

1789-1799 AD
The French Revolution


1799 AD
Napoleon is made consul of France after a coup d’etat.

The death of George Washington. His body passes on but his memory lives on forever in the hearts his citizens.

c.1800 AD
Coal replaces wind, water and wood as the World’s primary source of energy.

1803-1815 AD
The Napoleonic Wars

1804 AD
Napoleon crowns himself emperor of France.

1806 AD
 The End of the Holy Roman Empire
the last emperor, Francis II, abdicates following military defeat to the French emperor Napoleon.

1812-1815 AD
The War of 1812.


1815 AD
Napoleon is defeated at the Battle of Waterloo and is sent into exile on St. Helena Island.

1818 AD
Britain defeats the Maratha Empire and gains control of India.

1821 AD
Napoleon Bonaparte dies.

1826 AD
Photography is invented.

1829 AD
The steam locomotive is invented.

1833 AD
Slavery is abolished in the British Empire.

1837 AD
The telegraph is invented by Samuel M. Morse.


1837-1901 AD
The Reign of Victoria; Queen of Great Britain and Empress of India.

1839-1842 AD
The First Opium War in China.

1853 AD
Matthew Perry (of Friends fame) steams into Edo Bay and opens the doors of Japan to the West.

1856-1860 AD
The Second Opium War in China.

1858 AD
 The Indian Mutiny
Britain exiles the last Moghul emperor and establishes her own empire in India.

1861-1865 AD
 The American Civil War
~ slavery is abolished in America.

1868 AD
The Meiji Restoration re-establishes the Empire of Japan.

1869-1948 AD
The life of Mohandas Gandhi; Indian spiritual leader. Helps win independence for India.

1871 AD
Kaiser William I unifies Germany and founds the Second Reich.

1876 AD
The telephone is invented by Alexander Graham Bell.


1877 AD
Thomas Edison invents the phonograph.

1879 AD
Thomas Edison invents the lightbulb.


1879-1955 AD
The Life of Albert Einstein; The greatest physicist of all time.

1881 AD
October 26
    The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

1883 AD
Tesla discovers the secret of alternating electrical currents.

1885 AD
The first automobile is put into production.

1889 AD
Adolf Hitler is born in Austria.

1894-1895 AD
The First Sino-Japanese War.

1892-1973 AD
The Life of J.R.R. Tolkien; Master of fantasy.

1893 AD
Radio transmission is invented by Tesla.

1896 AD
The first modern Olympics are held in Athens, Greece.

1897 AD
Count Dracula returns from the dead to haunt the streets of London.

c.1900 AD
Petroleum becomes the World’s primary source of energy.

1903 AD
The airplane is invented by the Wright Brothers.

1912 AD
Sun Yat-Sen establishes the Republic of China, putting to an end over 2,000 years of imperial rule.


The unsinkable ship Titanic hits an iceberg and sinks.

1914 AD
Tensions between European imperial powers comes to a head with the assination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, setting off the First World War.

1914-1918 AD
    World War I



1915 AD
Edgar Marin, the Old Man Down the Road, is born.

1917 AD
 The October Revolution
Led by Vladimir Lenin, the Russian crown is overthrown and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is founded.


1922 AD
The Ottoman Empire disintegrates and is partitioned into European protectorates across the Middle-East.

Benito Mussolini comes into power in Italy.

c.1925 AD
Radio broadcasting comes into widespread use.

1929 AD
October 29
    The Great Depression begins.

1933 AD
Adolf Hitler and his Nazi goons take over Germany.


1936 AD
The computer is invented by Alan Turing.

1937 AD
The Empire of Japan invades northern China.

1939 AD
September 1
    Nazi Germany invades Poland, igniting the Second World War.

1939-1945 AD
     World War II

The allied powers of Russia and the West join forces against the Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan in the greatest conflict the World has ever seen.




1941 AD
December 7
    The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor.
America is forced into the war.

1942-1945 AD
 The Jewish Holocaust
Eleven million souls, including six million European Jews, are exterminated systematically by the Nazis.


1944 AD
June 6
    D-Day; The Allied forces storm the beaches of Normandy, turning the tides of war against the Nazis.

1945 AD
May 8
    V-E Day; The Fall of Nazi Germany

August 6 & 9
    America drops atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ending the war in the Pacific.

1947 AD
The nation of Israel is returned to the Jews by the British Empire.

India gains independence from Britain.

1947-1989 AD
The Cold War


1949 AD
The People’s Republic of China is founded following the communist victory in the Chinese Civil War (1946-1950).

1950-1953 AD
The Korean War

c.1955 AD
Television comes into widespread use.

1957 AD, 1 AS
The Space Age Begins
  Mankind’s first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, is launched by the U.S.S.R.

- The Oenotrian calendar begins: Year 1 A.S.

1961 ­AD
Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space.


1964-1975 AD
The Vietnam War (it’s a crime, man)

1969 AD
July 20
    American astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to set foot on the Moon.

1969-1972 AD
The First Seven Journeys to Luna.

1974 AD
October 31
    Roopirt Pasqal, the best damn logger in Fort Frankforp, is born.


1975 AD
Todd Ferguson IV, third generation Fort McMurrian and oilsands worker, is born in Fort McMurray.

1977 AD
Elvis Presley dies. Long live the King of Rock and Roll.

1979 AD
The Iranian Revolution

1985 AD
November 27
    Ryley Nickel is born in Edmonton, Alberta. Genius, scholar and gentleman.

1989 AD
The fall of the Berlin Wall.

1991 AD
The End of the Cold War and Fall of the U.S.S.R.

The Gulf War


1993 AD
The European Union is Founded

1995 AD
Edgar Marin, the Old Man Down the Road, dies.

c.1996 AD
The internet comes into widespread use.

2001-2009 AD
The Reign of George W. Bush; Greatest of American presidents.

2001 AD
Tuesday, September 11
    The World Trade Center in New York is destroyed by Moslem terrorists under the leadership of the asshole, Osama bin Laden.
~ The War on Terror Begins

2001-2014 AD
The Afghanistan War

2003-2010 AD
The Iraq War

2010 AD
Ryley Nickel posts this beauty on the world wide web.

2011 AD
Osama bin Laden is shot and killed in his secret lair by America’s finest, and justice is finally served.

2016 AD
Tuesday, May 3
    A devastating wildfire named “The Beast” decimates the northern Canadian city of Fort McMurray.

May 4
    Jacob “Jack” Jenkins-Fisher is born at Syncrude Camp, a few miles north of Fort McMurray.
An evacuee baby.

2017-2029 AD
Arnold Schwarzenegger serves as the 46th president of the United States. Is even better than George W. Bush.

2019 AD
Man returns to the Moon. Establishes first permanent base.

2026 AD
The European Union consolidates itself as a unified state and the European Federation is born.

2033 AD
Jack Jenkins-Fisher, at the age of 16, incurs a rare, incurable, terminal disease.
Thursday, January 13: Under doctors suggestion and his parent’s permission, he is put under suspended animation until a cure can be found.
No cure is found and he is never woken up while his parents are still alive...

c.2035 AD
Domestic robots come into widespread use.


2037 AD
The first manned journey to the planet Mars.


2039 AD
Scientists discover an Earth-like planet orbiting the star Alpha Centauri A. Nations race to develop the technology needed to send men to this new world.

2049 AD
The transnational corporation McDisneymart™ buys and takes over the Phillipines, the first company to buy out a sovereign nation.

c.2050 AD
The world’s economy grows bleak as fossil fuels slowly run dry.

2053-2061 AD
The presidency of Barron Schwarzenegger, grandson of the former president.

2054 AD
December 21
    The Antichrist, Leopold Nicolai, is born in the city of Rome.

2057-2061 AD
    World War III

   America vs. China

c.2060-2100 AD
 The Times of Tribulation
Following the Third World War, China lies defeated and the power of America is greatly weakened. Global resources are diminished and despotic powers arise in Europe, Russia, and the Middle East to vie for what remains.
In the decades following the war, the World suffers from a series of famines and plagues, the likes of which the modern world has never known, and previously rich nations begin to resemble third world countries....

2061 AD
Chuck Norton, the New Federalist Party nominee, defeats both Republicans and the Democrats in the federal elections and becomes President of the United States of America, serving five terms and dying in office in 2079.

The Jewish Third Temple is constructed in Jerusalem over the ruins of the Dome of the Rock (destroyed during the war).

2064 AD
The People’s Republic of China, defeated by America in World War III, is overthrown following the Second Chinese Civil War (2060-2064) and the New Empire of China is established. A much weaker power than it’s predecessor.

2067 AD
Canada is annexed by the United States of America.

2069 AD
Project Helios is founded.
  A daring mission by the United States of America to send human beings to the blue planet discovered around Alpha Centauri, which is named: Phaethon.
In the dark times of the post-war, late 21st Century, this mission is seen as a light of hope for all Mankind.

2071 AD
Construction begins on the Norton Dam Project, which is supposed to protect Washington D.C. from rising sea levels.

2075 AD
Fort Mueller is established in Montana in preperation for the manned mission to Alpha Centauri.

2076 AD
Leopold graduates from the University of Paris, the top of his class.

America celebrates it’s tricentennial.
A massive engineering feat designed to protect the Mediterranean Sea and area from rising sea levels.

c.2085 AD
 The Pestilence

Hundreds of millions are killed world-wide by the worst plague ever to strike Mankind.

~ World population stalls and reverses at 10 billion.

2096 AD
The Helios, mankind’s first interstellar spacecraft, is launched towards Alpha Centauri by the American government with a crew of 144; fifty couples and their children.
It is calculated that the ship should reach it’s destination in 40 years.

2101 AD
April 18
    Leopold enters the European Parliament.


2102 AD
At the age of 40, Hujjat bin Hassan becomes Mohammed al-Mahdi, great leader of Moslems.

2114 AD
September 6
    Leopold is appointed as the president of the European Federation.

October 28
    Leopold becomes the self-proclaimed Emperor of Europe; allies himself with the corrupt Pope Constantine III. Signs a peace treaty with Israel.

2116 AD
April 20
    Israel is suddenly attacked by a coalition of Russian, Turkish and Egyptian forces.

2116-2118 AD
World War IV
   Russia and a coalition of Middle Eastern powers go to war against Israel who is supported by America.
Europe remains strangely neutral and offers refuge for anyone afflicted by the horrors of war. Leopold is regarded as a saviour.

2117 AD
April 2
    America, who has been supporting Israel all along, formally enters the war.

2118 AD
Friday, April 8
    Leopold is stabbed in the head in an assassination attempt.
Sunday, April 10
    Leopold makes a seemingly miraculous recovery. Pope Constantine declares him to be the Second Coming and Leopold outlaws and persecutes any and all “heretics” who do not submit to him and his Roman Church.

August 29 - September 11
    Nuclear Holocaust
For thirteen days, a volley of thousands of nuclear warheads decimate nearly every major city in the world.
Civilisation is left in ruins and for the next three and a half years, Nuclear Winter darkens the skies across the Earth.



    The mysterious figure known as the “White Rider” begins to raise followers in Israel.

October 17
    Mohammed al-Mahdi and his holy representative, Musa Akbar, kneel before the “White Rider” and begin their holy mission of justice.

2121 AD
Friday, April 4
    Mohammed al-Mahdi and Musa Akbar are assassinated in Jerusalem hours prior to the city being destroyed by a terrible earthquake.
There are some who say that they were resurrected three days later and ascended unto heaven. Either way, the people of Israel cry out against Leopold and the forces of Europe and the Roman Church descend upon Israel “like locusts”.

Sunday, September 21
    The Battle of Armageddon
The armies of Leopold and Israel convene on the field of Megiddo in northern Israel. Leopold is slain by the “White Rider” at the conclusion of the battle.
~ The “White Rider” rides away.

The Post-Apocalypse Begins...


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